Espositori 2016


We will show a t-shirt able to monitor the concentration of salt (related to dehydration) and adrenaline (the production of which anticipates the panic attacks) in human sweat. It exploites sensors integrated in the textile for monitoring of physiological data. Fibers are made conductive by chemical deposition of an organic polymer. The fibers thus functionalized become the channels of an electrochemical transistor able to determine the ions of physiological solutions such as, for example, the sweat.


Andrea Zappettini as representative of SIGNAL GROUP – IMEM-CNR

Andrea Zappettini is senior researcher at Istituto Materiali Elettronica e Magnetismo (IMEM), a public research institute of CNR in Parma, Italy. At IMEM he is head of the SIGNAL group, whose main activities are i) development of CZT-based X-ray detectors and ii) development of smart sensors based on metal-oxide nanostructures and organic compounds (chemo-resistive sensing of gas and liquids, piezo-electric sensors). He is author of 179 scientific papers on international journals (source: web of science), and author of 9 international patents and 2 Italian patents.

  A33 (pav. 6) - CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

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