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Building a Sustainable Society (GreenLab Microfactory)

GreenLab Microfactory is a node, with a keen interest to tackle social issues in Africa 'Heads-on'. Using various low-cost, replicable and collaborative approaches to find sustainable solutions to the existing social or environmental problems. We take pride in building new human capabilities, by injecting much knowledge to kids in the rural part of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Building a Sustainable Society (GreenLab Microfactory)

Babasile Daniel; Antonia Akinola

Babasile Daniel is an open-source evangelist, with a keen interest in promoting, exploring, and enriching the African environment through an addictive, collaborative, and a 'YES YOU CAN!' mentality. Which makes him a 'BIG Dreamer'.

  G6 (pav. 8) - OpenLab Hamburg - Helmut Schmidt Universität

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