Espositori 2018

Ball Matic 2

Ball Matic is a spherulator made by a 3D printer. It is used to make quickly small volume food balls of the same size. It can be completely dismantled and washed easily, even in the dishwasher. The sphering is a molecular kitchen technique . The produced spheres can be used as decorations for dishes, in semi-liquid diets, cocktails, etc. Food balls can be made using any edible liquid, from simple water, to drinks, to extracts of essences such as basil. Patent is pending.

Ball Matic 2

5BC I.T.T.S. "Volta" Perugia

The class is lively, creative and committed to the proposed projects. Their skills have developed thanks to this project in which they believe so much and on which they are ready to bet by engaging.

  C17 (pav. 9) - ITTS Volta - Perugia

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