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The LaserChat Project
The LaserChat Project

The LaserChat Project

The LaserChat Project is designed to excite and teach young makers! Transmits text messages through the air via a low power Laser. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver which act independently. Text typed on the transmitter's keyboard is simultaneously converted to light pulses and transmitted via Laser to the receiver which can be several meters away. The receiver does not need a computer as it has its own screen and can be battery powered.

This education projects aims to teach young makers many principles of electronics, like serial communications, arduino programming, analog and digital circuits and laser optics. We had a lot of fun creating and exhibiting it already, and we will be glad to see you trying it yourself!

The LaserChat Project

2nd Junior High School of Chania

Manolis Kiagias (Teacher)
Eftychios Giakoumakis (Student)
Giorgos Papadakis (Student)
Nikos Gkiomakis (Student)
Giorgos Prifti (Student)

  C18 (pav. 4)
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