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Tica Lab - Electrified mosquito net against malaria

Tica Lab - Electrified mosquito net against malaria

Malaria kills nearly 400,000 people worldwide each year. A total of 1 million people die from mosquito-borne diseases every year.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from these diseases is to use insecticide-treated bed nets.
However, mosquitoes develop resistance to these insecticides. Moreover, these chemicals are dangerous for humans, especially for the neurological development of children.

So we had the idea of designing a mosquito net that electrocutes mosquitoes. It presents no danger to humans and is autonomous in energy thanks to an integrated solar panel.

Tica Lab - Electrified mosquito net against malaria

Mattis Eynard, Ela Bois, Jeanne Lallemand, Blaise Depauw, Lucile Cerda, Jules Jalon

Mattis Eynard: student in a double degree program in medicine and engineering in Lyon
Ela Bois: student at Sciences Po Lyon (political sciences)
Jeanne Lallemand: student at ENSCI - Les ateliers (Paris) and Politechnico di Milano (design)
Lucile Cerda ; student at EPFL and KTH (engineering)
Blaise Depauw: student at EPFL and Centrale Paris (engineering)
Jules Jalon: student at Lazaristes (Lyon)

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