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Tata Rock

Tata Rock

Tata Rock doesn’t want to
replace you,it’s your faithful
ally when you need a rest.

Tata Rock

Filo Srl

Filo Srl is the first Italian Tech Atelier, an innovative company which aim is to build great IoT products end-to-end: from prototyping to production, from branding to selling.

In Filo we developed the Filo family of devices which are aimed at tracking objects. In the last two years,
has focused on the development of IoT products in the childhood/safety sector. To do this, we have created a new brand, Tata, which aims to create and become a reference point for the largest community
of new parents. It is confident it will be able to meet the real and concrete needs of this demographic through the development of new IoT baby products and digital services.

  L.T.21 (pav. L) - Filo Srl

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