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Health Making

Health Making

What happens when a nurse prescribes an Arduino? What do you get when a surgeon has a favorite FDM printer? What is happening inside a hospital medical makerspace open to health professionals and patients? MakerHealth will showcase the ingenuity and willpower of the individuals who are DIYing the devices that heal inside a real clinical environment. From Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Madrid, Spain, to x, Germany, the exhibitors are sourcing inspiring stories of nurses, doctors, and patients from around the globe who represent the movement of open design and rapid prototyping of new health technology. The MakerHealth movement thrives on because prototypes made by healthcare providers become solutions to patient needs.

Spinning out of MIT in 2016 after their research discovered a vast network of underground maker nurses, MakerHealth began installing pop medical maker spaces around the world.

Since then, Makerhealth designed and installed the first of several medical makerspaces in American hospitals. MakerHealth has trained over 800 frontline healthcare professionals in prototyping and design, resulting in thousands of new health devices invented and making impact on patient independence, workflow, health education and more. We envision a future of health care built by everyone giving care and receiving care and want to inspire more people to join the movement!

Health Making

Anna Young, Jose Gomez-Marquez, Holly Harpel, Rose Hedges, Nick Dodds

Our team is a multidisciplinary group of nurses, doctors, engineers, economist and designers with a background in critical care, biotechnology, global health, hands on education and DIY health tool development. Over the last 15 years we have worked intersection of the maker world and the health care world. Rose Hedges is a critical care nurse and Chief Medical Maker in Cedar Rapids, Iowa leading the generate makerspace at her local hospital, St. Lukes Unity Point, as part of the MakerHealth network. Nick Dodds is a electrical engineer turned health maker working as a fabrication fellow inside St. Unity Point hospital. Holly Harpel leads MakerHealths communications and community outreach shepherding a network of up and coming health makers from around the world and highlighting their stories. Anna Young is a co-founder of MakerHealth along with Jose Gomez-Marquez and have jointly worked on projects such as the modular diagnostics, global health DIY medical technology and teaching medical making at MIT.

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