Call for Big Bang projects Regulations

ART. 1 | Premise

1.1 These Regulations govern the Call entitled “Call for Big Bang projects” (hereinafter, also the “Call“), promoted by Innova Camera (hereinafter also “Promoter“) as part of the “Maker Faire Rome 2023” event, which will be held in Rome from 20 to 22 October 2023 at the Fiera di Roma (hereinafter, also the “Event“).

ART. 2 | Indication of the Call and purposes

2.1 The Call arises from the Promoter’s desire to select projects (hereinafter also the “Project/s“) and initiatives that can be implemented and presented within the Event.

2.2 The Projects may benefit, if requested and if selected, from an economic contribution, as defined in the following Article 5.2 letter H, made available by the Sponsor or by third party Partners and Sponsors (hereinafter also “Partners” or “Sponsors“), participating in the Event.

2.3 The financial contribution, in support of the submitted proposal will be assigned at the unquestionable discretion of the Evaluation Committee specifically constituted by the Promoter and better described in the following Article 7 (hereinafter, the “Evaluation Committee“).

2.4 In order to promote the results of the Call and to enhance the project proposals received, the Promoter may enter into collaboration agreements with additional technical Partners interested in the Call (hereinafter, also the “Partners“), who can offer support services to the project proposals received.

ART. 3 | Recipient subjects

3.1 Participation in the Call is free of charge and is aimed at individuals, Italian or foreign, whether they are natural or legal persons (hereinafter also the “Participants“).

ART. 4 | Eligible design ideas

4.1 It is possible to propose your own installation ideas that can be presented in the exhibition area of the Event for:

  1. Large-scale projects;
  2. Projects with a high degree of interactivity and audience involvement;
  3. installations/attractions of strong visual impact suitable to characterise the spaces of the event (pavilions, external paths, entrances and access areas, etc.);
  4. areas for interactive activities (tracks, aviaries, stages, laboratories, etc.);
  5. exhibitions and thematic insights;
  6. Projects that include installations and performances to be set up on the territory (outside the exhibition area) for the promotion of Maker Faire Rome.

4.2 The projects to be presented must be related to the themes of Maker Faire Rome. They may cover, in particular, the following topics:

  1. IoT & Electronics
  2. Smart Cities
  3. Circular Economy
  4. Biohacking
  5. Aerospace
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Big data
  8. Smart Robotics
  9. Digital Manufacturing
  10. Education
  11. Robotics and artificial intelligence
  12. Mobility and Drones
  13. Agritech

With insights and areas dedicated to:

  • Robotics
  • Artisans & New Craft
  • GreenTech
  • Smart Mobility
  • Recycling & Upcycling
  • Green Building
  • Wearables
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Fablab
  • Art
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Sustainability
  • Augmented – Virtual Reality
  • Coding
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Science and BioTech
  • Design

ART. 5 | Procedure for submitting proposals

5.1 The project proposal must be submitted following the online procedure, through the completion (in Italian or English) of the appropriate form available in the reserved area on the official website of “Maker Faire Rome 2023” ( by 23.59.00 CEST of 21 April 2023, except for any extension of the deadline, the provision of which is reserved exclusively to the Promoter and which will be made known to potential participants in the Call. The submission of the application will take place after creating a personal account.

5.2 The following information is requested in the project proposal form:

  1. the proposer’s general information and contact details;
  2. the proposer’s presentation (activities, people, previous experiences of carrying out similar Projects or set-ups or supplies);
  3. title of the project (also provisional);
  4. description of the proposal (contents, appearance, technical implementation, dimensions, internal/external location, requirements);
  5. status of the proposed project (already implemented, partially implemented, idea to be implemented);
  6. description of the philosophy of the project and why it would fit well within Maker Faire Rome;
  7. total cost of installation;
  8. any financial support requested from the Maker Faire Rome organisation;
  9. a summary description of the expenditure items justifying the request for financial support;
  10. at least one image (drawing, rendering).

5.3 Proposals must also be accompanied by hypothetical items of expenditure, which may be fully or partially supported by the Promoter according to the procedures of the Innova Camera Special Company or one of its Partners or Sponsors.

5.4 The acquisition of the project proposal will not entail the assumption of any obligation by INNOVA, which does not assume any obligation regarding the continuation of its negotiating activity, nor the attribution to the interested party of any right regarding the signing of the Agreement.

ART. 6 | Evaluation of proposals

6.1 Proposals that are in formal compliance and meet the eligibility requirements described in sections 3 and 4 regarding the type of project activities, thematic and application scope, will be admitted to the merit assessment.

6.2 The evaluation of the project proposals will be carried out by an Evaluation Committee appointed by INNOVA, composed as described in Article 7.

6.3 INNOVA reserves the right to establish an interlocution with the applicants. The reply to the requests for information must reach INNOVA, under penalty of exclusion, within 10 working days from the receipt of the request. During the merit evaluation, INNOVA reserves the right to request any clarifications and additional information from the proposing parties to ensure a homogeneous and complete evaluation, as well as to evaluate project implementations or variations required by organisational needs, agreeing on timescales, costs and methods of implementation.

6.4 The selection of the project proposal is made by the Committee on the basis of the criteria listed in the table below .


This criterion evaluates the degree of compliance of the project proposal with the objectives of the Call.

This criterion evaluates the results of the project and their compliance with the expected impacts.

The programmatic aspects and the compliance with the implementation requirements described in the Call are evaluated.

A score is expressed based on the assessment of the credibility and sustainability of the costs expressed in the project proposal and of the co-financing made available by the Proposing Body (and by the partners of any proposed partnership)

ART. 7 | Evaluation Committee

7.1 The Evaluation Committee will consist of at least 3 members identified by the Promoter, and, among these, the member who will carry out the functions of President will also be identified.

7.2 The Committee may also be composed of experts external to INNOVA.

7.3 The Evaluation Committee will evaluate each project and express its unquestionable opinion on the basis of the criteria defined above.

7.4 The technical implementation of the Project will in any case be carried out by the applicant. The bidders must be able to implement and provide the submitted projects, if selected, in the manner agreed on a case-by-case basis with the organisation and defined in a specific contract.

7.5 In case of equal scores between several Projects, the President’s vote will prevail.

7.6 There is no remuneration for the members of the Evaluation Committee.

ART. 8 | Economic contribution and allocation methods

8.1 The award of the financial contribution will involve the allocation to the selected participants of a sum to partially or totally cover the expenses incurred by them for the execution of the Project as indicated in the project proposal and agreed in the subsequent discussions.

8.2 In agreement with the applicants and in addition to the available resources, targeted crowdfunding campaigns can also be activated and supported.

8.3 The promoter reserves the right not to assign the contribution in the event that the Projects received are not, at the sole discretion of the Evaluation Committee, adequate for the objectives and purposes of this Call.

8.4 By the deadline of 15 May 2023 or another date that will be announced on the Event website, the acceptance of the participation proposals will be communicated via email to those selected. Any communication relating to the contract, which will be stipulated between Innova Camera and the selected Participants, and to the other logistical indications will follow.

8.5 The Promoter will communicate the outcome of the evaluations, contacting the proposers and inviting them, if selected, to present a detailed project, agreeing on times, costs and implementation methods. Projects not selected may in any case be resubmitted to the Call for Makers to be present at the fair, with the applicant’s own resources. The bidders must be able to implement and provide the Projects presented, if selected, in the manner agreed on a case-by-case basis with the organisation and defined in a specific contract.

8.6 The allocation of contributions and their delivery is subject to the signing of an agreement between the parties.

8.7 The financial contributions will be made available with the resources of the Promoter or of Partners and Sponsors.

8.8 The Participant declares to be aware and to accept, from the moment of submitting the application, that in the case of an economic contribution, the Project may be sponsored through co-branding activities of the work, to be agreed with the Participant, which include the logos and distinctive signs of the Promoter or Partners and Sponsors.

ART. 9 | Intellectual property

9.1 By participating in the Call, each Participant expressly declares that their project:

  • is original and does not violate in any way, either in whole or in part, the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, releasing the Promoters from any and all responsibility, liability, claim for damages and/or compensation that may be advanced by any third party in this regard;
  • does not violate other rights of third parties, including, inter alia, patents, industrial secrets, rights deriving from contracts or licences, advertising rights or rights relating to privacy, moral rights or any other right worthy of protection.

ART. 10Responsibility of the Participant

10.1 With regard to participation in in-person events, each Participant selected pursuant to Article 8 will use the premises where the Event will take place, as well as the equipment made available by the Organiser and/or brought by the Participant themselves, with the utmost care and diligence and will strictly adhere to any instructions provided by the Organiser, including during the course of the Event, in order to ensure the safety and security of all the Participants. The Participant is required to use the spaces in accordance with the instructions and directives issued by the Organiser from time to time, as well as any other applicable regulatory provision – safety standards, fire regulations, etc. In any case, the Participant is required to know and comply with the provisions provided by the Organiser. In the event that there are any doubts about the correct use of the spaces, the Participant is required to contact the Organiser, who reserves the power to prohibit the performance of any activity that is contrary to the provisions of this article.

10.2 Under no circumstances may the physical and/or virtual exhibition spaces be used:

  • to carry out activities that are prohibited by law or otherwise contrary to public order or morality;
  • for the performance of activities capable of representing a danger to things or people present at the event or to hinder or prevent the smooth running of the event;
  • to carry out activities in violation of the rights of third parties, having regard, by way of example but not limited to, trademarks, patents, copyright, etc.

ART. 11 | Miscellaneous

11.1 These Regulations are drawn up in Italian.

11.2 The procedure in question is not subject to the provisions of Italian Presidential Decree 430/2001 relating to the regulations for competitions and prize operations pursuant to the provisions of Article 6 of the same.

11.3 The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend, in whole or in part and at any time, the Call, as well as all its content. In the event of cancellation of the Call for any reason, the Promoter will give prompt notice through the website of “Maker Faire Rome”. Such communication shall have the effect of notification. In the event of cancellation of the Call, regardless of the causes or reasons that will have determined it, each Participant hereby waives any right to compensation for moral and material damages, including the living costs incurred for the activity carried out for the execution of the project and any expenses incurred.

11.4 The Promoter reserves the right, at its sole and unquestionable discretion, to exclude from the evaluation of the project proposals any candidate who:

  • acts in violation of these Regulations;
  • behaves inappropriately and/or contrary to the interest of a peaceful and correct conduct of the procedure.

11.5 Each Participant will indemnify and hold the Promoters harmless from any damage, prejudice, loss, cost, expense (including legal) or sanction which the same may incur as a result of the participation itself.

11.6 It is understood that the selected participants, expressing their willingness to accept the contribution, fully accept the content of these Regulations.

Art. 12 | Processing of Personal Data

12.1 The data provided by the Participant and collected by Innova Camera from the moment of the request to participate in the “Call for Big Bang Projects” shall be processed in compliance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data (EU Regulation 2016/679 and Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003), as described in the Privacy Policy that can be accessed using the link

12.2 The data provided by the Participants, including those relating to the project presented, may be disclosed to third parties for the purposes related to carrying out the “Call for Big Bang Projects” and, for the same purposes, be disseminated through the publication of the same on the website or on third party sites, after Innova Camera’s authorisation.

ART. 13 | Applicable law and jurisdiction

13.1 These regulations are governed by the laws of Italy.

13.2 For any and all disputes concerning the interpretation or validity or execution of the same, the Court of Rome shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


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Rome, 28th February 2023