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«I, a maker and writer, tell you about the packaging valley of 2064»

Between making and writing, a journey into artificial intelligence between humour, tech and cosmology

From maker participating in Sanofi’s Make To Care contest to writer: Davide Formenti has just published a science fiction book


Could we not interview him? Not a chance! It was too good an opportunity to follow another of the many makers who have seen their careers take off from the stands at Maker Faire Rome in a wide variety of sectors.

Last year, with the WhyNot? Team, Davide Formenti took part in Make To Care, Sanofi’s contest dedicated to researching and supporting innovative solutions for disability, a protagonist at Maker Faire Rome 2020 (also present at this year’s edition).

photo: Sanofi Italia

Formenti and his team won the final of the contest thanks to LiRiCAA (Recipe Book for Augmentative and Alternative Communication), a project created to facilitate the preparation of cooking recipes for people with special cognitive problems. “Software capable of serialising all the processes involved in preparing cooking recipes. “It is a system that recognises speech and uses neural networks. Even off line.

Formenti, born in 1966, works as an electronic engineer, is responsible for the software development office in a company and has a passion for writing. So much so that he has published ‘Recovered from the Full’, a science fiction book, ‘a mix of cosmology, hi-tech, AI, humour and a pinch of dialect’, he described it. 

Packaging Valley

Part maker, part engineer, creative, a lot. «In my book I created prototypes of people working in a company» in the packaging valley, in Emilia Romagna, where there is the strongest European concentration of industries producing packaging machinery, Formenti set his story in 2064, in the Ferrara area. Here’s why

Hi Davide, will we see you at Maker Faire?

«I’ll definitely be there, I follow it remotely».

Next year, however, you’ll be taking part in Make To Care for the second time

«If we succeed, yes. We want to bring a project dedicated to autonomous sport climbing, especially developed for the visually impaired. This year there was no chance to close it».

Not only Make To Care. Davide, you have made your knowledge available for many initiatives in support of disability

«In Ferrara they are working on a park entirely dedicated to disability, managed by people with disabilities. There will also be restaurants and bars. My team and I have participated with our ideas. We give support».

And in the meantime you also find time to write. Tell us about your book

«In March, I came out with a book, Revenge of the Full. A science fiction book? Actually, it’s a fictional book that describes the working environment and the micro-stories of the people who work in the company».

ph: Davide Formenti

Why is it an innovative book?

«I set my story in the packaging valley, in 2064».

Shall we make an appeal? Shall we present it at the Maker Faire Rome?

«I wish».

Davide, the future of makers. How do you see it?

«The maker lives on imagination, which has no time. He lives forever. In 2064 we will use Artificial Intelligence neural networks and put it at the service of our imagination».



cover photo: Davide Formenti


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