Maker learn festival 2021

8-12 November 2021

A rich training program, from the comfort of your home.
Over 50 training proposals from our partners and makers. Workshops, talks, webinars dedicated to innovation: from artificial intelligence to robotics, from recycling to upcycling; from digital manufacturing to sustainability, and much more.
And there are also courses for children and teenagers!

Dall’8 al 12 novembre 2021 abbiamo realizzato decine di ore di e-learning insieme ai nostri partner e maker sui principali temi dell’innovazione, dall’intelligenza artificiale alla robotica, dal recycling all’upcycling, dalla manifattura digitale alla sostenibilità, e tanto edutainment anche per i ragazzi.

Con Maker Learn Festival RELOADED tutto questo è disponibile sul nostro canale Youtube organizzato in playlist tematiche, scopri di più!

MATEMATICA SUPERPIATTA: un videogioco a scuola! (Talk)

Università dell'Aquila

A videogame at school? Is that a joke? It is absolutely not a joke! SuperflatMath is a videogame made to guide children, boys and girls into the amazing world of Mathematics. In a sandbox environment you will gather, create and destroy blocks of numbers to solve puzzles of any kind.
The activities have been designed to engage pupils into Math Discussions and to cover specific Math subject for all classes from 8 to 13 years-old children. We will report our experience during a field trial with 250 pupils in Primary and Middle Schools during the usage at distance in the lockdown period.


Friday 12 November

From 3.45 pm to 4.45 pm CET

MATEMATICA SUPERPIATTA: un videogioco a scuola! (Talk)

Leonardo Guidoni

Leonardo Guidoni is Full Professor at the Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences at the University of L’Aquila. His research interests are in the fields of molecular modelling and quantum computing. He is the author of the videogame SuperflatMath and participated to a research field trial on the usage of the videogame in few schools in L’Aquila and Rome.

Silvia Baccaro

Silvia Baccaro is Middle School Teacher in Mathematics and Science and PhD student in Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics of the Sapienza - University of Rome. She proposed the videogame to several classes, and she is carrying out his PhD work on the teaching of early-algebra using laboratorial methodologies.

Antonella Malatesta

Antonella Malatesta is Middle School Teacher in Math and Science. As ICT coordinator, she is the G Suite for Education platform administrator and she is responsible, as a Google Certified Educator, of teachers’ internal training. She actively works in educational coding and robotics laboratories and during this year she is experimenting the video game in one of her classes.

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