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Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is the event where you can experience first-hand the digital revolution that is changing the way we produce and live.

It is the stage for companies and innovators to show how the challenges of the new markets can be tackled with the new digital culture. It is an event that spells out in simple terms the future that awaits us and allows us to explore what is already here.

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is a great opportunity for companies, researchers, organisations and institutions to promote their product or service, or their projects, and meet with prospects and an interested and qualified public.

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition represents an opportunity for companies, researchers, organizations and institutions to promote their product or service, or their projects by coming into contact with a competent and interested public.

It is an event that facilitates and talks about innovation, connecting people and ideas, through a platform capable of relating professionals and enthusiasts of innovation, involving them in learning, training, co-design and matchmaking paths.

Science, technology, entertainment and business come together in a single format, able to combine physical experience in presence with the digital one, creating real business opportunities. It is an event in which innovation is within everyone’s reach thanks to real experiential paths in which the public becomes an integral and active part.

At Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition you learn, have fun and make business.

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Enterprise 4.0, IoT, Electronics and Digital Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, Robotics, Aerospace, Automation and Home Automation Systems, Circular Economy, Agriculture 4.0, Intelligent Mobility, Drones, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Health, Wellness and Sport, STEM Education, Art, technology applied in all fields: these are the main themes of an event that will also combine physical and virtual presence in 2023.

figures of the 2022 edition

Event in attendance

  • 45 thousand visitors on the days of the event
  • 333 exhibition spaces present at the Gazometro

Main Channel (live from the event website)

  • 32 hours of live broadcast on the Main channel
  • 128 national and international guests who alternated on stage


  • 514 accredited journalists (of which 14 from foreign newspapers)
  • 1,726 articles in the period, including: Messaggero, Repubblica, Artribune, Ansa, Askanews, Il Sole 24 Ore, Corriere della Sera, Avvenire, Il Giornale, La Stampa, Libero, Il Fatto Quotidiano, etc.
  • 70 TV / radio services, including:
    – TG1 live edition at 20.00, TG2, TG3, TGR, TG5, Studio Aperto evening edition, SkyTG24 live, TGCom, Mediaset, La7;
    – Radio Rai (1, 2, 3), RTL 102.5, Rds, Radio Italia, Radio DeeJay, Radio New Sound Level and other local radios.


  • To develop your business and meet industry experts.
  • To promote your image and ensure your projects get maximum exposure, entering into a virtuous communication process.
  • To meet a large audience of industry experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, students and enthusiasts.
  • To allow your brand to be perceived as new and original.
  • To begin a long-term dialogue with an international movement – the makers – which is present in 120 countries.
  • To increase brand awareness with the target audience.
  • To participate in the development of the innovative ideas and contents of the fourth industrial revolution.

MFR offers numerous partnership modalities articulated on different levels of presence. Each package includes an exhibition space or a dedicated formula of visibility, physical or digital; the ability to organize light talks, seminars, webinars, events, contests dedicated to their products or services, and adequate communication of the brand, image and corporate content.

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