Maker Music 2022 – Soundscape

Installations, talks, performances focused on sound, the founding element of musical creation

Soundscape is a conceptual map, a search through energy and matter, an organism composed of sounds, pixels and light that processes and transmits the sound generated by the artists.

An installation made of video and audio impulses that immerses the spectator in a living, absorbing space created by the fusion of arts and technology.

An artistic experience based on the combination of video art, music and technological innovation with the viewer at the centre.



Registration is all that is required to take part in individual events, there is no additional cost beyond the Maker Faire Rome entrance ticket




2.00 pm Teho Teardo presents: Cadence Féminine live + Studio Clichè
Cadence Féminine is a passage taken from Ellipses dans l’Harmonie (Lumi al Buio), the last work by Teho Teardo entirely inspired by the music contained in the pages of the Encyclopédie by Diderot and D’Alembert, the affirmation of the need for light in front of new obscurantisms, increases the narrative force thanks to the visual work of Studio Clichè.

3.00 pm Teho Teardo presents: Ellipses dans l’harmonie live + Studio Clichè (as above)

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4.00 pm TALK. DJ Stile presents: The contemporary relationship between images and sound. Starting from the cinema through every type of sound experimentation, the talk traces a path made of words and sounds masterfully manipulated live by DJ Stile, which reaches up to new languages, which from time to time transform due to the historical context, places and technological innovations.

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2.00 pm NAIP presents: In the Contruction Site + Studio Clichè. The title is due to NAIP’s idea of creativity “it’s the way I dedicate myself to creativity. The construction site never closes and then it has to do with the sounds I use, noises of work in progress that become sounds. this is a finished show under construction. ” and the video set up prepared by Studio CL which will make the performance an immersion in NAIP’s world

3.00 pm NAIP presents: In the Contruction Site + Studio Clichè (as above)

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4.00 pm Festinalente Dischi presents: Showcase Decomposer + LIZ – AV Show Decomposer is a musical and audiovisual experimentation project created by Agostino Maria Ticino, one of the founders of the Marchigiano Synth Museum and producer of music for film and TV (Amazon, Rai, Sky). His new show has found the perfect partner in LIZ, an audiovisual artist who has been involved in research and video expression of music content for years.

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2.00 pm Samuel presents: Babbaluci live + Studio Clichè Samuel presents Babbaluci, a performance that with the addition of the video and light design by Studio Clichè becomes exclusive to Maker Music. An electronic set in which, accompanied by Alessandro Bavo, music and voice will add up in an electronic and sunny performance. The sound spread 360 degrees around the audience, together with the immersive videos are a totally new way to listen to the groove of Samuel’s music.

3.00 pm Samuel  presents: Babbaluci live + Studio Clichè (as above)

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4.00 pm Festinalente Dischi presents: Festina Lente Ensemble with Ominostanco/P41/Rive is a collective project that finds in improvisation the formula for creating electronic fabrics dictated by intuition and the man / machine relationship.

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