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Maker Art 2021: the place of technology in the contemporary art scene


One year after the great success of its digital edition, MakerArt is back. The main focus of the third edition of Maker Art is artificial intelligence, hosting on-site installations, performances and talks dedicated to the encounter between contemporary art and new technologies.

MakerArt is the section of Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2021 – 9th edition that provides user with opportunities for dialogue between the makers and the international artists chosen by Valentino Catricalà (curator of the section). Maker Faire Rome is the most important European event dedicated to creativity and technological innovation. It is promoted and organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome through its Azienda Speciale Innova Camera and will take place from 8 to 10 October 2021 on-line and on-site at the Gazometro Ostiense.

If artificial intelligence shapes our lives, who shapes artificial intelligence? How are we influenced by machines, that make decisions that we may not even be aware of?

These easy but hard questions are the starting point of a thought that on one hand jumps into the future and on the other shows that the future is already here. We use artificial intelligence and algorithmic systems frequently in our everyday lives: from surfing the internet to search engines; from advices and virtual assistants to its controversial and dangerous applications, namely the world and its predictability through profiling and classifying datas.

If artificial intelligence and algorithmic systems are largely owned and controlled by a few, how can we create more transparent, fair, equitable and thoughtful infrastructures?


Curated by Irini Mirena Papadimitriou and Valentino Catricalà


The exhibition You and AI. Through The Algorithmic Lens is a project by the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union, in collaboration with Onassis Stegi.

“You and AI” is related to the exhibition held last summer in Athens: it carries on the investigation towards the AI, paying attention to the automatisms that we assimilated into our gestures and to the social repercussions deriving from the use of smart-phones, social media and digital maps.

Irini Mirena Papadimitriou (art director of FutureEverything) and Valentino Catricalà invited several international artists: Memo Akten, Hiba Ali, Paolo Cirio, Stephanie Dinkins, Jake Elwes, Kyriaki Goni, Alessandro Giannì, Helena Nikonole, Filippo Okapi, Donato Piccolo, Anna Ridler, Jenna Sutela, Nye Thompson, Emilio Vavarella and the art groups Bill Balaskas & Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Catherine D’Ignazio – Lauren F. Klein – Marcia Diaz Agudelo, Mushon Zer-Aviv – Dan Stavy – Eran Weissenstern, Entangled Others (Sofia Crespo X Feileacan McCormick) and Numero Cromatico.

The STORM CONCERT is a project in collaboration with Maker Music in which the artist Donato Piccolo connects with the roman trap band Garage Gang (Federico Codacci and Edoardo Martucci).

In the Storm Concert electricity becomes sound and the melody becomes a magnetic storm governed by human hands. The aim is to stimulate not only the physics of the place but also the thoughts of the observer. This is why Storm Concert is an analytical-artistic experiment where the unexpected is considered a breaking point between chaos and form.

The outdoor video-installation by Daniele Puppi is site-specific: an 8-meter screen will encircle the viewer in a fascinating sensory experience.

Anita Cala’ (VILLAM) and Elena Giulia Rossi (Arshake) will launch the call for ideas 5.0 of the Game Over-Future C(o)ulture trough the artwork by Alessandro Giuggioli (Quinto Sapore), an installation that connects the most ancient practices of agriculture and the most advanced practices of technology.
Download here info and rules of the call for ideas 5.0.

A renewed media partnership with NERO includes a publication dedicated to new trends in contemporary art, edited by Jérôme Sans and Valentino Catricalà (scheduled for spring 2022).

Special thanks to Onassis Stegi, Future Everything, European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, Rai Cinema, Re: Humanism, Ramdom, KappaBit.