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27-30 November 2023

A rich training program, from the comfort of your home.
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And there are also courses for children and teenagers!

Digital Music Education: aims, methods and tools - L'Educazione Musicale Digitale: finalit, metodi e strumenti

Digital music education aims to enrich students' musical experience by making music learning more accessible, engaging, personalised and collaborative. Its aim is accessibility, by allowing people with disabilities to participate in musical activities; active involvement, using interactive tools that allow exploration and encourage reflection; collaboration and sharing, obtained through the use of common learning environments; the development of computational thinking, promoting coding activities which, at various levels, encourage critical thinking and creativity.


Tuesday 28 November

From 10.00 am to 11.00 am CET

Maker Learn Festival

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Digital Music Education: aims, methods and tools - L'Educazione Musicale Digitale: finalit, metodi e strumenti

Marcella Mandanici

Marcella Mandanici is a music composer, researcher and professor of Music Education at the Music Conservatory of Brescia (Italy). She has authored many vocal and theatrical works and between 1986 and 1993 has served as the artistic director of "Nuovi Spazi Sonori," an Italian association for promoting and advancing contemporary music. Mandanici's academic background includes a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Music Technology from the Conservatory of Como, which she obtained in 2012. Later, in 2016, she earned a Ph.D. in Information Engineering from the University of Padova. Her diverse educational background reflects her interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching. As a researcher, Mandanici focuses on applications for music education and rehabilitation. Her work has explored innovative ways of integrating technology into music education and using music as a means of rehabilitation. Notably, she received a best paper award at the 3rd EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good in 2017 for her study on the rehabilitation of blind children. In 2018, Mandanici led a project called "The Discovery of Interactive Spaces," which received support from the National Operation Program (PON) as part of the "Fondo Sociale Europeo (FSE)" framework. This project likely involved exploring interactive and immersive environments in the context of music. She is PC member of CIM (from 2016), SMC 2019 and 2020, CSME and UBIMUS from 2020. Since 2019, Mandanici has taken on the role of director for the MSc degree in Technologies for Music Education. This position allows her to shape and guide the curriculum for students interested in utilizing technology in music education. Furthermore, Mandanici actively organizes various music technology workshops and conferences for music teachers. Notable events include the Music Technology Day, which has seen four editions since 2019, and the Teaching Music at Distance conference in

  1. These events highlight her commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering professional development within the music education community. Throughout her career, Mandanici has authored over 30 scientific works in the areas of sound and music computing, multimedia, and music education.

Sara Valente

Sara Valente: Diploma Accademico di I Livello in Musica Elettronica (Conservatorio Cimarosa - Avellino), Diploma Accademico di II Livello in Tecnologie per la didattica della musica (Conservatorio L. Marenzio - Brescia). E docente di Scuola Primaria. Si occupa di coding, robotica educativa e educazione STEAM.

Maurizio Botti

Maurizio Botti: Laurea di Primo Livello in Scienze e Tecnologie della comunicazione musicale (Universit degli Studi di Milano), Diploma Accademico di II Livello in Tecnologie per la didattica della musica (Conservatorio L. Marenzio - Brescia). Si occupa di programmazione informatica per la didattica e insegna chitarra presso associazioni culturali.

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