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MY Maker PCBA: your electronics for a better planet



Are you a maker with a project cantered around the development of an electronic device? Participate in FAE Technology’s contest to win your prototype!

The safeguarding of our planet is among the great challenges of our time, an epochal step in which institutions, companies, makers and individual citizens are called to play their part in synergy with each other. Companies and makers have always collaborated in the construction of a better future, becoming co-protagonists in the search for ideas and projects capable of (re)generating a positive impact in the contexts in which they operate thanks to the strength of ideas and electronic technology.

Can electronics improve the world? We believe they can! That’s why we’re looking for electronics enthusiasts to give tangible form to their projects. 

FAE Technology is a benefit company that operates in the field of embedded electronics. It is a Bergamo-based company, strongly convinced that technology and sustainability go in the same direction: that of a future in which electronics is, and will increasingly be, an indispensable tool to enable concrete solutions to the challenges of our time.

It is within this framework that “MY Maker PCBA: your electronics for a better planet” – – a contest that rewards electronic projects with the goal of improving human life quality and environmental sustainability.

What do we mean when we talk about environmental sustainability? The concept is vast and the applications can be potentially endless. A selection of the main topics can be: Agritech, Circular Economy, Smart Cities, Mobility, Electrification and much more. If you have created an electronic project complete with charts, a bill of materials and Gerber construction files, you may have what we are looking for! 

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in our contest!

What can I win?

An Evaluation Committee will reward the first three Projects deemed most deserving with the creation, by FAE Technology, of a number of 1 to 10 prototypes of electronic boards (developed on the basis of the Project presented, based on the level of complexity of the same) and will be offered the opportunity to present their Project during Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, within the FAE Technology space, participating in the eventual awards event.

The Evaluation Committee:

  • Boris Landoni, Director – Elettronica In
  • Manuel Lobati, Innovation Manager – Fae Technology
  • Martina Lucchese, Regional Sales Manager – Farnell
  • Alessandro Ranellucci, Curator – Maker Faire Rome
  • Marco Vecchio, Technical Director – ANIE

Read the regulations.

The contest is created by FAE Technology in collaboration with Maker Faire Rome and FARNELL.

Here are the winners

  • FIRTS PLACE: CCS project; Datalogger for a Carbon Capture Monitoring in a Human Controlled Wetland
  • SECOND PLACE: Near real time composting parameters monitoring for improved process management
  • THIRD PLACE: Nextlight Controller