Make to Care

at mfr 2020 the fifth edition of the make to care contest!

Contest Maker Faire Rome


Make To Care: an award to Makers that help overcoming disability.

make to care

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The contest: the award stems from the desire to bring out and facilitate the implementation, along with the dissemination, of innovative and useful solutions to meet the real needs of people who have any form of disability, as any sharp decrease in the quality of life due to diseases and/or traumatic events.

Participation: to participate you must submit your project to the Call for Makers for the “wellness and healthcare” topic.

Info and rules:


Winners 2019

  • LETIsmart light & voice: two hi-tech solutions to improve the autonomy of the visually impaired, which apply to the classic white stick without affecting its ergonomics and weight: a white light source that pulsates in conditions of poor visibility and a device that provides voice information and allows you to activate a customized acoustic signal to be guided to your destination.
  • Tourist Eyes: artificial intelligence, cameras and 5G network are transformed into a personal tourist guide who guides and guides the visuallyimpaired traveler with maximum precision to his points of interest (tourist and otherwise, both indoors and outdoors) helping in moving safely (sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, etc …).


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