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Read, write and count

Education, study, we all know, is a seasonal activity, Google also shows it, with searches for keywords related to the school: the hot months are October and November, January and then from March to May, with a soaring at the end of August between vacation and duties.
Learning instead, we experience it continuously, especially outside the school walls, is a constant activity of our human nature: history teaches us that we learn (and understand concepts) only for pure pleasure or necessity, not for duty . Certainly not memorizing, but through direct experience. Learning comes from the language, thought, written, spoken; made of symbols: letters and numbers. Reading, writing and accounting are the basis of all learning. Isn't it a fashionable concept? Knowledge has always been the result of a long journey made of curiosity and passion: not easy, not simple. An individual and collective journey together.


Sunday 20 October

From 11.00 am to 11.15 am CET


Read, write and count

Chiara Burberi

Born, raised and "rude" in Milan since 1967.
Everyone knows a different Chiara: professor at Bocconi, consultant at McKinsey, manager at Unicredit, now CEO of, "Italy's largest mathematics gym", a digital teaching platform dedicated to STEM subjects (Science, Technology , Engineering, Mathematics) or rather STEAM (STEM with Art), which rethinks the way of teaching and learning.
He also wrote a book, "Le ragazze con il pallino per la matematica" with Luisa Pronzato, to show that mathematics is a sport for everyone.

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