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Changes in the food market: new models or new products?

Webinar set up by
FOSAN – Fondazione per lo studio degli alimenti e della nutrizione umana e AGRO CAMERA – Azienda Speciale CCIAA Roma

The globalization of the market has offered the possibility, in rich countries, of always having any type of food available. Consequences of this wide and unconditional availability have been, among others, the spread of new shopping styles, a greater propensity to self-production (and, therefore, the request for a greater variety of foodstuffs), the emergence of greater attention towards the sustainability of production. This webinar offers an overview of the changes that have taken place in the food market over the last twenty years. Particular attention is paid to the ideas that, today, show the greatest potential for driving innovation in the agri-food sector.


Fabio del Bravo, ISMEA - Three eras of food in Italy: traditional consumption, the changes of the new millennium, the crisis in a pandemic period. What has changed in food shopping?

Alessio Malcevschi, University of Parma - Sustainability of food production and accessibility: which possible models?

Mario Schiano Lomoriello, ISMEA - Exotic requests: major trends in imports and exports. What, where and for what reason.

Francesca Bavastro GB Food SRL - What does it mean to innovate a food product?


Saturday 12 December

From 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm CET

Event on
Changes in the food market: new models or new products?

Alessio Malcevschi

Associate Professor of Food Sustainability at the Department of Chemical Sciences, Life and Environmental Sustainability of the University of Parma

Gianandrea Rizzi (moderatore)

Research activities' coordinator – FOSAN, Foundation for food and nutrition studies, Roma.

Fabio del Bravo

Director at the Department of Services for Rural Development – ISMEA

Francesca Bavastro

Food Technologist – GB Studio SRL

Mario Schiano Lo Moriello

Agronomist at the Department of Services for Rural Development" – ISMEA

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