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Literature machines

Roni Bandini

What’s in a journey to create machines mentioned in literature short stories and novels? Machines nobody wanted to make because the effort was too high or the goal directly unreasonable.

1: The Klausner Machine based on The Sound Machine by Roadld Dahl
2: Rayuelomatic based on Hoopscotch novel by Julio Cortázar
3: Nyctograph based on Lewis Carroll's square alphabet

4: The machine to think of Gladys based on Mario Levrero´s short story
5: Raymond Roussel reading machine based on Impressions of Africa

A machine for listening to plants suffer based on Roald Dahl's story, a machine to read one specific novel from Julio Cortázar, a machine to translate an alphabet made by Lewis Carroll to write in the dark, a machine to constantly think about a woman briefly mentioned in a Mario Levrero’s short story, a reading device for an experimental full of digressions novel by Raymond Roussel. Is the simple existence of these machines capable of providing some kind of feedback to a literary dialog? Do they complement, extend or even refute the fiction where they came from?


Wednesday 16 November

From 3.45 pm to 4.45 pm CET


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Literature machines

Roni Baldini

Inventor, writer and musician from Argentina. Former programmer and entrepreneur. Author of El Sueño Colbert, Macadam and La Gran Monterrey novels. Speaker at Hope New York, Nerdearla and TedX conferences. Maker counter culture advocate. Designer of prototypes, artistic machines and assorted devices.

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