Espositori 2019

Song of the minerals

Song of the minerals

The project presented is entitled "Song of the minerals" and consists of a performative experiment between image and audio. A small set will be set up in the space where a collection of mineral stones from the mountains of Val D'Aosta will be photographed. Through the taking of the minerals, the resulting images will be digitally processed and translated into polyphonic frequencies of different duration determined by the arrangement of the stones in space and the different light conditions.

Song of the minerals

Matteo Nasini

The research of Matteo Nasini starts from sound study, to take physical shapes deeply examining and observing the sound and plastic substance's surface. This leads to a practice that methodologically develops in sound installations, performances, textile and sculptural works.

He showed his work at:
Clima Gallery, Marsèlleria, Fluxia, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia (Milan); Maxxi, Macro, Nomas Foundation, La Galleria Nazionale, Pastificio Cerere, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome); Villa Croce (Genova); Villa Romana (Florence); Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, (Pesaro); Palazzo Fortuny (Venice); Southwaystudio, Leclere (Merseille); EDF Foundation (Paris); Espace le Carre, Palais Beaux- Arts (Lille); La Panacee (Montpellier); MRAC (Serignan); IIC, Hammer Museum (Los Angeles); Marsèlleria (New York); Rowing (London); Royal Museum of Worcester (Worcester).

  H28 (pav. 6) - Matteo Nasini

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