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A device that lets you experience the famous Bora (wind) of Trieste

An original way for those who want to experience the typical windy environment of the city of Trieste  (Italy)


If you have never visited Trieste, you probably have never felt the sensation of being hit by a powerful gust of the famous Bora wind, the cold wind that blows from north-northeast and that represents a characterizing element of the capital of the Friuli region in Italy.

The powerful gusts of the cold Bora wind can easily reach a velocity of 81-93 mph (130-150 km/h), making it really difficult just to even walk. The powerful Bora wind can also be mixed with rainwater or snow when it “hits” the city of Trieste. In that case, it is defined as a “dark Bora” wind, to be distinguished from the “light Bora” wind’ which does not carry any rainwater or snow.

The Scientific FabLab of the International Center for Theoretical Physics “Abdus Salam” in Trieste presents an unusual and interesting project. This device is just perfect for those individuals who miss the beautiful northern Italian city of Trieste and the cold Bora winds – and who would like to always feel as if they were actually there!


Il simulatore di vento e pioggia Bora-Mat
Bora-Mat – the Bora wind and rain simulator


The device referred to is the Bora-Mat, a real and proper simulator of the famous cold Bora wind characteristic of the city of Trieste. This wind is recreated through the use of three powerful electric motor fan blowers (similar to those used for inflatables), that produce a powerful airflow, specifically regulated via Software to produce the same effects as the strong gusts of cold Bora wind.

Consequently, the makers of this project guarantee that the results are absolutely realistic!  In addition to the “Bora wind” effect, in fact, you can also select the possibility of having air mixed with water as if you were experiencing a real “dark Bora” wind.


Il molo di Trieste in una giornata di Bora (foto: Max Pixel)
A pier in Trieste hit by strong Bora winds (photo: Max Pixel)

This original project, along with many other new and forward-thinking ideas, will be present at the Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Roma.