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A New Way of Doing Business at Maker Faire Rome 2023

Fare impresa al Maker Faire Rome 2023 - Networking

Maker Faire Rome 2023: where innovation and networking turn ideas into businesses

Innovating and forging connections at the heart of Maker Faire Rome 2023


The importance of innovation is a fundamental key to understanding the value of events such as Maker Faire Rome 2023. Development is fundamental for companies to remain competitive and easily adaptable to technological and social changes.

Maker Faire Rome is fertile ground for networking,  connecting makers with companies, and allowing them to collaborate and share ideas. This process leads to the discovery of cutting-edge products and services and opens up new business opportunities, helping to shape the future of industry and entrepreneurship.

Maker Faire Rome 2023, therefore, is more than an unmissable opportunity for technology and innovation enthusiasts, it’s also a chance for entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators to do business in a new way.


Maker Faire Rome 2023: an opportunity for innovation and networking

Maker Faire Rome 2023 showcases innovation, it’s a place where ideas take shape and business opportunities grow. The event is a chance to meet innovation leaders, receive new stimuli, share ideas and projects, and create new business connections. Within this framework, networking emerges as a crucial way to expand knowledge, strengthen skills, and share best practices. Building a valid network is a cornerstone of entrepreneurship, and for this purpose, Maker Faire Rome has introduced, for its 11th edition, MFR Networking.


MFR Networking: what it is and what to expect

MFR Networking is an innovative platform that unites companies and makers in a virtual environment. It is designed to allow them to expand their networks and immediately promote the development of their business. MFR Networking:


  1. 1. Offers a dynamic environment
    MFR Networking is a welcoming and dynamic environment where companies, makers, students, and investors can connect and plan targeted meetings during Maker Faire Rome 2023. This platform is the meeting point between the business world and the creative universe of makers as an opportunity for synergy.


  1. 2. Generates meaningful connections
    One of the distinctive features of MFR Networking is how it generates meaningful connections between companies and makers. The platform allows people to select shared needs and skills, ensuring that meetings are relevant and promising. Every connection made has the potential to turn into a fruitful collaboration or new business opportunity.


  1. 3. Gives access to physical networking tables
    MFR Networking allows participants to reserve physical tables for one-on-one or group meetings. It’s a chance for companies to present their challenges or business opportunities while makers can show their projects and innovative solutions. These face-to-face meetings foster an interactive dialogue, creating a more effective and efficient networking experience.


  1. 4. Promotes the exchange of knowledge
    A crucial component of MFR Networking is promoting knowledge sharing. Meetings between companies and makers often lead to an exchange of knowledge, skills, and best practices. This stimulates professional growth for both sides, contributing to continuous innovation.


  1. 5. Provides direct access to business opportunities across sectors
    The meeting space accommodates companies and makers from every sector. Whether you’re part of an established company, an emerging startup, an experienced maker, or a novice, this is the place to grow your ideas and build meaningful connections.


Innova Camera: the Special Agencey driving Maker Faire Rome

Since its first edition, the institution with a philosophy of “culture of doing” has backed the event. Rome Chamber of Commerce operates in Rome and the Lazio region with a single objective: to encourage and promote progress and innovation and improve the community’s quality of life. With its operational arm and Special Agency, Innova Camera, the Rome Chamber of Commerce supports new business pathways, such as Maker Faire Rome.

Innova Camera, founded in 2008, is dedicated to organizing and managing services to promote innovation and develop the entrepreneurial system. It simplifies the relationship between businesses and the Public Administration. It collaborates closely with other entities in the system to manage the Rome Chamber of Commerce’s central portal. To improve the quality of operations among the Chamber and its associated companies, Innova Camera maintains media relations and press releases, implements integrated communication projects, and organizes events. It’s a key part of raising public awareness and promoting innovation at a local level.

Maker Faire Rome is a decade-long success story for Innova Camera and the Rome Chamber of Commerce. Since its first edition, it has celebrated the culture of “DIY” in the technological field, offering makers and enthusiasts from all backgrounds the opportunity to present their projects and share knowledge, ideas, and discoveries.

In its 10 editions, Maker Faire Rome has had more than 4,000 exhibitors and 800,000 visitors worldwide. It has contributed significantly to promoting and disseminating new types of digital knowledge. The event supported the launching and spreading of a new mindset pointed toward the future and cutting-edge solutions for doing business in a new way.


In conclusion, what awaits you in Rome from October 20 to 22 is much more than a fair. Maker Faire Rome 2023 is an unprecedented opportunity to learn and create meaningful connections. If you are a maker, discover MFR Networking, and don’t miss the opportunity to grow with us.

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