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AgriDatalog, at Maker Faire Rome 2021 the agriculture of the future

AgriDatalog is an innovative startup and spin-off of the University of Bari, born from the intuition of agronomists, researchers, academics and computer engineers who believed in a new frontier of agriculture that makes use of the most modern technologies to maximise results by making the best use of available resources. The project was developed by Giovanni Carbonara (Administrator and Business Advisor), Giuseppe Ferrara (Scientific Manager) and Luigi Grasso (Technical Manager).

Rome, October 2021 – Agridatalog – Maker Faire Rome. The European Edition, 9th Edition

Water resources and nutrient requirements. Two projects

AgriDatalog has worked in particular on the development of two innovative solutions that solve the problems of managing water resources and nutrient requirements. The first is Agridatalogger, a system consisting of a self-powered integrated electronics pole equipped with sensors for the detection and transmission of parameters relating to: soil, environment and crops. The project is driven by a software and mobile devices able to show detected parameters and indicators calculated according to scientific algorithms, providing: dynamic graphs of soil matric potential, soil temperature, volumetric content of water in the soil, parameters related to the microclimatic environment. And an alert system that signals when threshold values are exceeded via email, text message and push notifications. Unlike most moisture detectors, Agridatalogger measures the matric potential of soil water, i.e. the force required by the plant to extract water from the soil, providing a more indicative data on environmental stress conditions.


The other project is Agridatasense: a system for mobile spectroscopic detection and immediate monitoring of nutritional requirements based on cultivar-specific models.