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Gruppo 4, ITS Meccatronico Vicenza
What we decided to do is an economic version of the "Segway". We totally built the veicle from zero, beginning from an alluminium chassis and a couple of scoote …
  C27 - ITS-Way

Biomedical Lab srl
PD-Watch, the wearable device for patients with Parkinson's disease
  A15 (pav. 4) - Biomedical Lab srl

Lino Strangis
A place in virtual reality where the ancient myth of the music of the spheres is revisited in conception and structure, proposing itself as an interactive ex …
  Lino Strangis

Leandro Basso, Diego Manfrin, Andrea Andolfi, Andrea Bellin
Simplify the planning of complex surgery with three-dimensional reconstructions of the patient's anatomy that allow simulating the operation before executing it.
  A18 (pav. 6) - Diego Manfrin, Giuseppe Isu
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