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Food Makers on air part 1: face to face with the makers of the Future Food Zone

After talking about the hackathon and the activities of the Future Food Zone, it’s time show you the videos of the startuppers who animated the Future Food Zone with their stands!


It’s already been two months since Maker Faire Rome, the biggest Show & Tell of innovation in Europe. This year we have reached very high: over 100,000 visitors in just three days and more than 700 selected companies from over 60 different countries! At Future Food Institute, we presented our Future Food Zone, an area that represents the soul of the food revolution that sees the relationship between food and technology as a driving force for a change and a key tool for creating a healthier and more sustainable world!

And now we are here to relive some of the best moments with the startuppers that have been part a huge part of our experience at MFR18! Which had been the main attractions of this year?

This first part will be dedicated to three disruptive startups that have fooled visitors with their fantastic solutions to food waste and unsustainability of the current food system: from the creation of circular economy models to new surprising prospects in the agri-tech sector, we are happy to introduce Funghi Espresso, D’Adone and Agricolus!




The Maker of Merit of this fantastic edition of Maker Faire! Funghi Espresso is a startup that transforms the coffee grounds of bars and restaurants into tasty and nutritious mushrooms! The idea has received an immense success in our area and many have been curious to ask for more of the innovative circular economy project! We collect about a ton and a half of coffee grounds in the bars of Florence and with this, we produce fresh, good and edible mushrooms!” Says Antonio Di Giovanni, founder of project. The main challenge of this MFR18? An aquaponics system! “We feed our fish with earthworms and we grow healthy and nutritious plants by the fish waste!“. The startuppers also attracted the attention of RAI: ​​”La Vita in Diretta” went to meet them and Antonio revealed them the novelty they brought this year: “We have developed a special recipe with chef Marco Vitale and turned our mushrooms into peanut butter chips… you can eat them like normal chips!


Antonio Di Giovanni, founder Funghi Espresso

Watch the full interview given to the Social Reporters guys at this LINKAnd here there is also the video of the interview released by “La Vita In Diretta” at this LINK!




Team D’Adone

Among the youngest of this edition, here we introduce you D’Adone: a project born by 4 guys from Bologna. It’s a special vegetable nut made from food industry waste! Debora Merighi, co-founder, tell us a bit about their focus: “Our aim is to reduce food waste, which is still very evident within agri-food companies“. Why is their product special? “Seasonal recipes for a constant fresh nut… and the only additive we use is salt! This is our idea! “. We hope that our young makers to succeed in their intent!

You can watch the full interview given to the guys at Social Reporters by clicking at this LINK!






A startup that has impressed many visitors because of its brilliant idea that connects perfectly tradition and innovation: Agricolus, the largest Italian digital platform dedicated to the agri-tech and sustainability sector! It was Valeria Moré, communication manager, who introduced the project at MFR18: “Supporting the work of all operators in the agricultural field, this is the aim of Agricolus” and she goes on saying: “this platform helps farmers not only to save water and avoid the use of fertilizers … it greatly reduces the environmental impact! “. An idea that has attracted the interest of many visitors, Agricolusallows farmers and farms to approach the newest technologies and consider them as the most efficient decision support system on reducing costs!


Valeria Morè, communication manager

For the full interview given by Social Reporters guys, click at this LINK!

We remind you that you can relive all the moments of the Future Food Zone in the videos of our Facebook page to this LINK and also that you can find a corner dedicated to food makers at Scuderia Future Food Urban Coolab in Bologna!
Stay tuned and don’t miss the second part of Food Makers On Air!