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Guide to the visit

Maker Faire Rome is a very large event, spanning an area of approximately 100,000 square meters. To navigate and not miss anything, we have created an illustrated map featuring thematic icons to help identify specific areas and services.

Here is #MFR2023 in a beautiful and colorful illustrated summary.

Every pavilion has a name that identifies the main theme of its contents, within which there are additional sub-themes categorizing the exhibited projects. Let’s explore them together!

Pavilion 3 MAKE is the first on the left when entering from the East entrance and, of course, the last on the right when entering from the North entrance. This pavilion represents the soul of the event because it is here that the most “maker” projects are showcased, featuring electronics, components, 3D printing, digital manufacturing, industrial automation, and space research. Here, electronics enthusiasts and open-source enthusiasts will create a kind of Village that stands out as a focal point for creatives and innovators.

Pavilion 4 LIFE is the greenest area of MFR2023, located in front of Pavilion 3. It is dedicated to agrifood, circular economy, renewable energies, and, in general, projects related to environmental sustainability.

Pavilion 5 DISCOVER, located on the same side as Pavilion 3, is dedicated to artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and cybersecurity. Inside, you will find digital projects and services for citizens and businesses, as well as a large networking area for the development of one-to-one relationships aimed at business opportunities.

Pavilion 6 RESEARCH, located in front of Pavilion 5 and near Pavilion 4, is dedicated to research institutes, universities, and technical institutes focused on innovation. It is the space where projects related to health, wellness, and medical scientific research are presented.

In Pavilion 7 PLAY, you’ll find innovative sports at their forefront, from padel to pickleball, from skateboarding to e-biking, offering an injection of adrenaline and fun!

8 LEARN is the pavilion of learning, educational experimentation, and play in the broadest sense of the term, encompassing both purely playful and educational aspects. Notably, there are 14 Experience Labs, 2 training rooms, and several spaces dedicated to gaming, ranging from classic arcades of a few years ago to modern video games.

Pavilion 10 CONFERENCES is the only pavilion that does not offer exhibition spaces because it hosts conferences on major themes of innovation, ranging from artificial intelligence to robotics.

Is there something spectacular?

Definitely yes, even though Maker Faire Rome is already spectacular on its own.

This year, we launched a Call for Big Bang Projects dedicated to visually impactful projects and selected 4 of them. Two are located in Pavilion 4 – Life: Biosphera Genesis, a completely self-sufficient regenerative living module that revolutionizes the concept of habitat, and Guernica59, a large three-dimensional reproduction made from recycled materials of Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece.

The other two projects are in Pavilion 6 Research: “FAKE! Failures and Deceptions of Human Vision,” which unfolds within 3 large geodesic domes where optical illusions can be experienced, and another project called “House with a Space View,” where you can explore space exploration, from the Moon to Mars colonization and all the way to Jupiter and its icy moons.

Under the walkway near Pavilion 7, there will be a stage with a musical band made up of robots created from recycled materials (car parts, shopping carts, metal objects, etc.). It’s a bit of Maker Faire Rome’s mascot; it has always been with us. Oh, the robots really play, and they play by themselves!

Under the walkway between Pavilion 7 and 8, we have set up a Selfie-Box where you can take a photo that will be printed in a 10x15cm format as a keepsake or to share on social media with the hashtag #MFR2023.

In Pavilion 7 Play, we offer 10,000 square meters entirely dedicated to sports with “PADEL SMASH FUTURE,” an area featuring cutting-edge equipment and clothing, products that, utilizing biomechanical principles, enhance performance and facilitate training. There will be 5 state-of-the-art courts set up: 2 Padel courts and 1 dedicated to Pickleball, another undeniably trendy sport! Prominent figures among the international protagonists of these disciplines will be present.

In Pavilion 8 Learn, both adults and children will have the opportunity to experiment in the large area: not only will they play with current and vintage games, but they will also explore video games as opportunities to create professionalism and business.

Between Pavilion 1 and 3 on the ground floor, we will set up the stage for our Main Channel from which we will livestream for those who cannot attend in person. The main protagonists of this beautiful and fun event will take turns sharing their projects, experiences, and expectations.

In each pavilion, there is also a Talk Area available for exhibitors to present their projects to the public with brief in-depth speeches.

And to eat?

In each pavilion, there is a refreshment point at the entrance, while outside, scattered along the entire route, there are many high-quality street food options to satisfy various culinary needs and tastes. From pizza to fried foods, from meat to fish, from pasta to ice cream, not forgetting something exotic. Everything is designed to offer a balanced culinary experience between taste and well-being, providing healthy and fresh dishes suitable for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets.

How to navigate the Fair?

In the illustrated map and also in the event signage, you will find thematic and service icons that we summarize here in a legend designed to help orient in this immense space. Let’s look at them together!

In any case, at the entrance of each pavilion, there is an Info-Point with our staff available to assist with any of your needs, even if you get lost or misplace an item, they will tell you where to find the Lost & Found office!

The future awaits you!