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Healthcare & Wellbeing

Society is undergoing a transformation. Healthcare is facing new scenarios and demands. In this context, innovation is a challenge. Assistive devices for disabilities as well as for everyday life, biomedical devices, sports accessories, and projects related to the human body in general. All of this and more is showcased at Maker Faire Rome.

Since its first edition, the Healthcare & Wellbeing theme has been a protagonist in an exhibition area of the event.

Thanks to the contribution of our partner Sanofi, the MAKEtoCARE contest, established in 2016, rewards the best projects presented by talented innovators who aim to make life easier for people affected by any form of disability.

The winning projects from past editions can be found at:

At Maker Faire Rome, you will also find e-sports, electronic sports, which have gained increasing popularity in recent years. It’s not only the esports economy that sparks interest but also the fact that it fosters healthy competition, typical of traditional sports. It’s a demonstration of how technology and well-being can go hand in hand, offering new opportunities for development and enjoyment.
Healthcare & Wellbeing is a fascinating world that looks to the future with curious eyes and determination.

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