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HyQ Real, the four-legged robot with superpowers that can handle any and all emergencies

This automaton can go everywhere and is even able to tow an airplane! A precious ally during fires, earthquakes, and dangerous interventions


There are so many examples of new and useful technology right before our eyes. Although usually, the first thought goes to innovative technologies associated exclusively with entertainment. Or regarding new technology that, in any case, improves non-substantial aspects of our lives. However, there has been significant progress made regarding useful technology that speaks of something that is quite different.

In fact, truly useful technology – indeed extremely useful – exists, and is well represented by the invention that we are now going to talk about. It is a device whose invention is owed to the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and that represents an important aid in hazardous and emergency situations. It is called HyQ Real, and is a 4.5 ft long (1.33 m) and 3 ft tall (90 cm) tall, and weighs 286 lb (130 kg).


The four-legged rescue robot HyQ Real (photo: IIT)


This automaton has an aluminum cage, a Kevlar skin (fiberglass and plastic), water and dust resistant legs that are rubber-coated for a greater grip on the ground or a flat surface.

Reading this description and looking at the photos, this indeed would seem to be a strange “being” with many peculiarities. And this is not so wrong since the HyQ Real looks like a four-legged creature with “super-powers”’.


HyQ Real è in grado di trainare un aereo di 3 tonnellate (foto: IIT)
HyQ Real is even able to tow a 3-ton aircraft (photo: IIT)


What is its purpose? To support humans while fighting fires, earthquakes or emergency interventions in dangerous and inaccessible places, with power and strength that is absolutely extraordinary.

The 48-volt battery, the 4 electric motors, and the hydraulic pumps allow this rescue robot to go almost anywhere. Rough terrain, earthquake rubble, dangerous inspections in hazardous conditions, etc., are no problem for this rescue robot!

In fact, the amazing HyQ Real is autonomous, robust, does not fear adversity and is able to communicate wirelessly with those who operate it. In performance tests, this astounding rescue robot was even able to tow a 3-ton airplane.


HyQ Real (photo: IIT)


In short: a precious and reliable ally that can be relied on to go where humans cannot: this is truly useful and innovative life-saving technology!

HyQ Real, along with many other robotics projects with pioneering technology applied to the most varied contexts, will be present at Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition 2019, the world-famous innovative technology fair that will take place from 18 to 20 October at the Fiera di Roma.