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Letter to Santa: the best tech gadget you can ask for

Best tech gifts and gadgets to buy for Christmas 2022

A selection of the most interesting item to give – and to hope for


Gadgets are what get us excited about the future and its possibilities, simply because there’s a gadget to improve almost any aspect of our lives.

The official meaning is “a gadget is a mechanical device or any ingenious article”, but nowadays it basically means anything with a bit of tech in it to help you order your food shopping, shave your face, enjoy a cup of coffee at the optimum temperature, or generally use smart voice robots to turn your heating up at home. Now, that all sounds a bit 2001: A Space Odyssey, but truly, we’re in the golden era of gadgetry, and if you’re of a mind to enjoy some techy gear, then the below should tickle your fancy.

Milty Zerostat 3

Milty Zerostat

The least fun aspect of record collecting? It’s the gnawing dread that you might not be treating your LPs with the hallowed reverence they deserve. Luckily, the Milty Zerostat 3 is a fuss-free solution for crate-diggers of all persuasions. Just pull the trigger to neutralise static charges on your vinyl and instantly improve its sound quality. A handy brush is also included for the finishing touch. 

Ember Cup

Ember Cup

When smart tech meets great-looking design – there’s only one way to enjoy your morning espresso God shot and that’s in a self-regulating, phone-controlled 6oz cup from Ember. If you’re unfamiliar, Ember’s mugs keep your hot drinks at the optimum drinking temperature for up to an hour and a half, so you don’t have to force down a tepid cup of tea that you forgot about. There are two set colours to choose from, a deep black or an earthy bronze, and you’ll get a charging coaster to keep your battery going all day long. All you need now is a coffee machine to make said espresso.

Logitech Litra Glow

Logitech Litra-Glow

Forget moisturiser, a new fade cut or even a better pair of sweats, the only way to elevate their Zoom call visage is with much-improved lighting. As such, this USB light from Logitech is just the ticket for more natural skin tones and a flattering complexion.

Tangram Smart Skipping Rope Rookie

Tangram Rope

There are few better ways to workout mind and body than by skipping. As much as Tangram’s Smart Skipping Rope won’t elevate your hand-eye coordination on its lonesome, it will track your jumps, calories burned and time spent getting a sweat on. 

Oura Ring

Oura ring

The celebrity fitness tracker of choice, Oura’s ring sits stealthily on your chosen finger while keeping tabs on your heart rate, activity, sleep and loads more. It’s ideal if you know someone who’s already wedded to their mechanical watch but still obsesses over their gymbound PBs. 

Anker Nebula Capsule

Anker Nebula

If your telly just doesn’t quite cut the mustard anymore, the only way to improve your home-theatre experience is with a dedicated cinema projector. This one is ultra-portable (literally the size of a craft beer can), delivers crisp Full HD visuals, and can stretch your films up to 100 inches if you’ve got the wall space for it. All you need now is the popcorn maker. 

Not-another bill leather wireless charger

Leather wireless charger

Most modern smartphones support wireless charging, which is simply far more convenient than having to shove a cable into the bottom of your phone each time it needs a bit of juice. From Not-Another-Bill, this leather-covered charger comes in three colours and can be personalised with initials if you want to remind everyone at work whose charger they’re pinching. 

cover image: Kira auf der Heide

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