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Maker Faire Rome 2021 | ENDRIU, the robot that cleans environments

ENDRIU is an autonomous, modular mobile sanitisation robot that uses ultraviolet light and electrostatic filtration. The project, featured at Maker Faire Rome 2021, was developed by Andrea Fontanelli, a graduate in Automation Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II, where he also did his PhD. Andrea is specialized in mechatronics, robot design, software development for autonomous navigation of mobile robots and control strategies for human robot interaction. Andrea is also co-founder of S4E Impianti, where he created the robotics division.

ENDRIU seen up close

ENDRIU consists of a robotic platform equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms for autonomous and safe navigation of the indoor robot. The robot is equipped with a quick-connect magnetic flange that allows the connection of different modules such as a UV-C module that allows surface sanitisation up to 2.4 m^2/min in the absence of a human being and an AIR CLEANER module that allows air sanitisation up to 400 m^3/h.




ENDRIU – Maker Faire Rome 2021
ENDRIU – Maker Faire Rome 2021



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