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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Artisan & New Craft

We continue our review of the projects featured at Maker Faire Rome 2021 by opening a window on Craftsmen and New Craft, where New Craft refers to the virtuous encounter between craftsmanship, technological innovation and design culture. At the heart of this is the technological revolution that is transforming the ways of production and consumption, inevitably transforming the forms of design. Here are some projects that go in this direction.

SOLARIA EVO (evoluzione)


The students of Class IV of the Sandro Pertini Professional Institute in Alatri, together with Professor Fernando Rea, brought to Maker Faire Rome Solaria Evo, an educational prototype of an electric car made using a DC motor/differential axis, batteries and photovoltaic panels. Solaria in particular was born out of the desire of teachers and students at the Pertini Institute to create an innovative car, following the trend of car manufacturers to make hybrid or fully electric models. The prototype was made entirely by the students over the years. It is made of iron and designed to be fully electric: it is powered by a DC electric motor with 1000 W of power. Two 100 A/h batteries are recharged either with the electricity at home or outside with the help of two 1.50 square metre photovoltaic panels. Once the project was defined, through problem solving, the students tried their hand at making all the mechanical parts, the frame, the braking system and the electrical/electronic system. With the addition of photovoltaic panels they obtained energy to recharge the batteries.



La Bottega delle Idee brought to Maker Faire Rome 2021 a mechanical pinball machine in an assembly box made by hand with Leonardo da Vinci’s gears. The pinball machine has a reduced size of 47 cm x 50 cm, height 30 cm, and is presented as an assembly box. In the central part of the pinball machine there is an impeller inserted in a lane where the player, making it turn by throwing the steel ball, operates a reduction mechanism which has the task of rotating a pin which will operate, with a lever, the second mechanism. This latter mechanism will drop a counterweight onto another lever which, once activated, will launch the car on the outside of the pinball machine off the starting grid. In a game with several players, and therefore as many pinball machines, whoever launches the car first will win the game. The project is made of 4mm birch wood and can be assembled without glue.

Art-House Candle

Fabrizio D’Eramo’s project involves the creation of design objects in wax, real sculptures which, once the candle is lit inside, create a play of light and shadow in the room. The focus of the project is to divulge the workmanship behind each product to bring people closer to the handmade: everyone can participate to rediscover the pleasure of creating. The intention is also to give a new dignity to the objects we surround ourselves with: no longer mass-produced, but unique pieces, with a story to tell. A story that will never end: every consumed candle, or broken object, can have new life in the hands of the craftsman thanks to the eco-sustainable nature of the initiative.


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