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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | MEDICAL ROBOTICS

The stand at Maker Faire Rome 2021 was called Medical Robotics @ ICAROS Center and PRISMA Lab: they were in the Research sector. Their projects attracted a lot of attention. We went to look around and asked the team a few questions.

Let’s talk about your project, or rather, your projects

«The “Medical Robotics @ ICAROS Center and PRISMA Lab” stand presented the following works during Maker Faire Rome 2021: 


A mechanically robust robotic hand equipped with force sensors at the fingertips. Its structure made of 3D-printed materials and low weight make it particularly useful for in-hand manipulation and stable gripping of objects. The main objective of the PRISMA Hand II is to provide, together with a virtual reality simulator, a high-tech prosthetic device suitable for people who have lost the functionality of their upper limb, greatly facilitating the training phase for its use. 


An innovative surgical instrument with an anthropomorphic design, compatible with the most advanced robotic systems for minimally invasive surgery. 

Software applications built on the robotic platforms: da Vinci Research Kit and KUKA Med, aimed at improving the surgeon’s performance and ensuring greater efficiency of the operation itself».

Which maker are you?

«The research group that was present at Maker Faire Rome 2021 is part of the Interdepartmental Center for Research in Robotic Surgery (ICAROS) and PRISMA Lab at the University of Naples Federico II. The group is engaged in a wide range of research activities focused on the mechatronic design of new surgical instruments, the development of algorithms for the execution of automatic tasks and control strategies for shared autonomy between surgeon and robot. The research group is highly interdisciplinary as it is also composed of engineers from PRISMA Lab, with a high level of specialisation in advanced applications of robotics, mechatronics, control, robotics and robotics».

Why did you decide to bring your project to Maker Faire Rome? 

«ICAROS Center and PRISMA Lab have been present at Maker Faire Rome since 2017, as it is an excellent opportunity to publicise the research work carried out by the group and is also an excellent place to encourage the exchange of ideas between university research groups and companies in the field of robotics and advanced technologies at the service of people».

How would you describe your experience at Maker Faire Rome?

«The experience of the ICAROS Center research group, composed of Professors, PhD students and Post-Docs, at Maker Faire Rome 2021 was overall positive. Returning to exchange ideas between different representatives of the robotics sector and presenting their work in person was highly satisfying and stimulating. The 2021 edition was smaller in scale than past editions, but it was still an excellent opportunity to showcase our research work in total safety».

What did you think of the location?

«The location was appreciated as it is a revaluation of a former industrial area and a place that symbolises transformation and a continuous drive towards innovation. In addition, its location closer to the city centre made it much easier to get around than previous editions held at the Fiera di Roma».





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