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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | Music & Sounds

Daniele Leandri, Giuseppe Torino and Beppe Pennesi brought to Maker Faire Rome 2021 Pianoforte Destrutturato, a futuristic assemblage of independent keys (keys in freedom). Each key produces a sound that can be played and programmed independently.
Piano Destrutturato
Destructured Piano in particular is a musical instrument decomposed into its essential parts: the keys. Each key becomes a complete electronic musical instrument that can be programmed and played independently of all the others. The player of the Destructured Piano will be able to compose his keyboard as he likes, creating a personalised assemblage of sounds and shapes. 
Marco Martucci, together with the students of the three-year course “Services for Health and Social Assistance” at the IIS “C. Cavour” in Vercelli, created BodyMove, a project that aims to offer both able-bodied and disabled people the opportunity to carry out exercises guided by sound.
Bird Language


In the Bird Language project, Artificial Intelligence develops models of bird sound to build a universal Grammar of Bird Language, a metaphor for communication between nature and technology in which a human being is not necessary.




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