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Maker Faire Rome 2021, starring projects | New Manufacturing

New Manufacturing is production made possible by digital technologies, advanced systems and processes and a highly skilled and qualified workforce.  The New Manufacturing economy integrates networks, 3D printers and other skills into business strategies to further develop manufacturing practices. Given these premises, the projects that fall into this segment, which are transversal because they intersect Industry 4.0, 3D Printing and even artistic creativity, as we shall see, could not fail to be protagonists at the ninth edition of Maker Faire Rome 2021, held in the area of the former Gazometro from October 8 to 10.

#Russolino: a painter robot that creates watercolor paintings


#Russolino is an autonomous robot painter, developed by Alessandro Giacomel of Officine Robotiche, who creates watercolour paintings that can be made at home with readily available materials or printed in 3D. It can paint abstract and figurative pictures. Once started up, it is totally autonomous in managing the colours and making the brushstrokes. It is based on standard market components used in common CNC machines, with 3D printed components, custom electronics, based on an Esp32, derived from #Arduino. The software is developed in Java on Processing, uses libraries for vision recognition and 2D geometry to manage shapes, plus various custom algorithms depending on the type of painting.

Merlino 4.0


The Merlino 4.0 project involves the Antico lanificio Merlino in weaving on ancient looms brand new jackard fabrics for total look companies starting from a Zero Waste pattern design, sustainable and fashionable, for a modern woman. The fabrics and patterns are prototyped and digitised to reduce waste through very advanced prototyping. The project wants to be a first step for a new SME starting from the old Merlino wool mill by some female students in the future.

AF.Slider - the AFfordable Slider


A slider that aims to achieve professional performance while maintaining a low cost, making it suitable for both amateurs and professionals. This is what Fulvio Airaghi has achieved. AF.slider is in itself a simple slider for video shooting, time-lapse and stop motion. What distinguishes it from others on the market is the basic idea: AF.slider wants to be a slider accessible to everyone, from professionals to amateurs who cannot afford the technical equipment of the sector.

Pigeon-borne biologgers for air quality monitoring

Annalisa Di Bernardino, Valeria Jennings, Giacomo Dell’Omo, Enrico Cadau and Marco Cacciani worked on this project to develop low-cost microsensors for real-time weather and air quality monitoring. In detail, this involves the development of a miniaturised GPS device that integrates calibrated atmospheric sensors for the high spatial and temporal resolution (0.5 Hz) measurement of CO2, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. The sensors are installed on the backs of carrier pigeons and weigh approximately 3% of a pigeon’s body weight. On their return routes to the base aviary, the birds fly over buildings, city parks, busy roads and agricultural areas mostly within 50 metres of each other, accurately characterising the atmospheric boundary layer.
PolyShaper: i migliori plotter taglia polistirolo al mondo


Born thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, PolyShaper has become a well-known brand of CNC polystyrene cutting machines for desktop use. The products are designed and manufactured in L’Aquila, Italy, with particular attention to all aspects from software to electrical and mechanical. The project was developed by GIPAT, a startup from L’Aquila whose business focus is the design, production and sale of polystyrene cutting machines for desktop use. Founded in 2016, it has consolidated itself as a company and will soon become an innovative SME. The team is made up of people with a high level of university and professional training, which has made it possible to keep all the know-how necessary to develop the industrial product in-house.




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