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Maker Faire Rome 2021: the three days at the Main Stage. Themes and protagonists

Maker Faire Rome 2021 is also ‘main stage’, a three day marathon of the best innovation can offer

Maker Faire Rome people, projects, solutions and visions will be under the spotlight on a dedicated stage. Follow it all live on site or in streaming


Three days of events of debates, presentations, projects and culture in the shadow of the Gazometer. Indeed in the heart of the Gazometro area. Three days in which politicians, makers, innovators and businesses will take turns. We’re talking about Maker Faire Rome 2021 and in particular the Main Stage.

The main stage, the beating heart of the Innovation Fair, the centre of things. But let’s go in order and try to understand: first of all, let’s think about it. If you really want to understand what innovation is and what the themes of today and tomorrow are, all you have to do is cross the gates of the Gazometro area (between 8 and 10 October, entrance in via del Commercio 9 – 11), follow the signs and follow the rich calendar of the Main Stage.

HERE then are all the info to buy tickets. Or, if you have decided to follow the Fair from home, connect remotely (HERE is all the info you need to not miss a single minute of Maker Faire). But now it’s time to get our bearings during the three days. There are so many appointments. Let’s try to clarify.


Innovation is deadly serious. Maybe makers don’t know this because they’re having the time of their lives, but politicians and institutions of all kinds have recently started to deal with innovation in the right way. And the Maker Faire, precisely because it is the Fair of Innovation and Innovators, is a stage that cannot be ignored. On Friday morning, among the protagonists is Enrico Giovannini, economist, statistician, academic, and since February, Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. But there is also an interesting interview with Cecilia Waisman, Vice President of Research and Development at MindCET- EdTech Innovation Center.

Make it Circular. Among the panels, also on Friday, there will be a discussion on How the ageing population, digital technology, the new needs created during the COVID19 pandemic are changing needs and purchasing and consumption processes, and also Agrofood: Future and prospects of agrivoltage. Friday’s protagonists could not fail to include Paola Pisano, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalisation in the Conte II government. There will also be space for Shimrit Maman, researcher at Ben Gurion University’s Earth and Planetary Image Facility, and founder of the non-profit organisation “She Space”. Also on Friday afternoon there will be an award ceremony for ENI’s Make It Circular.

The future of Agrofood. Agrofood will also be discussed on Saturday. Two panels are planned. One is entitled Agrofood: What Italian public research is doing for the future of agrifood, while the other is entitled Agrofood: The horizons of research for agriculture and forestry. In the morning, Confcommercio will be discussing a topic that is very close to us, “The ‘digital’ shop: how the physical and digital dimensions are going from being antagonistic to complementary”, while in the afternoon, again with Confcommercio, the topic will be “The data revolution: Data is the raw material of the future for many businesses of the future”. In the afternoon there will also be space for Sanofi’s Make To Care contest (ideas in support of disability), with the presentation of the projects.

Make To Care. On Sunday morning the Sanofi contest gets into full swing. The day’s interviews include a face-to-face meeting with Sivan Ya’ari, CEO and founder of Innovation Africa, a non-governmental organisation that brings Israeli technology applied to water, solar energy and agriculture to the most remote rural areas of Africa. In the afternoon, among other topics, Smart City and “Technological innovation in the world of sport” will be discussed.



On the central stage of Maker Faire Rome 2021, along with the institutions, companies will also be in the spotlight. Not just any companies, but those that innovate, especially startups. Let’s try to find our way around this series of events. In the late morning, the Lazio Region will present the Metrology360 project. Later in the afternoon, INAIL will talk about “Artificial Intelligence makes work safer”, with an interview with Carlo de Petris. The Campania Region will then present the Readi FP research project on the Space Station, while startup Kerline will talk about the up-cycling of wool waste for the development of keratin technologies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

Lithium batteries. On Saturday morning there will be an appointment at the Main Stage with the CNR and a talk on the theme: “How to recycle lithium batteries and carbon capture technologies: the chemistry of energy”. Also the CNR, later in the morning, will present “Hwaet! The Vercelli Book Saga”: the Serious Game for the enhancement of cultural heritage. In the afternoon Loris Caputo will talk about his Miutifin, a platform (based on blockchain and Machine Learning) for creating and sharing music online, used today by 100 emerging artists and 70 thousand users. Later in the afternoon, STMicroelectronics and Arrow will explain what Roobopoli is, an educational experience in the field of smart cities, smart industries and smart grids. Roobopolis in a nutshell is a miniature smart city where the life of Roobo inhabitants is assisted by modern technologies, the same available in real cities, reproduced in scale for educational purposes with tests and simulations.

Biomechanical risk. On Sunday morning INAIL will talk about innovative methodologies for the assessment of biomechanical risk, present in the Inail Laboratory of Ergonomics and Physiology of Work at the Monte Porzio Catone Research Centre. There will also be space for Wolffia from the Campania region, a win-win platform for the reuse of waste materials from industrial enterprises, a true value-added circular economy project. While Confcommercio will talk about the gradual abandonment of cash and new scenarios for commerce, from loyalty points to eWallets and crypto-currencies.



Once again this year there are many companies supporting Maker Faire Rome. They will obviously be present on the Main Stage during the three days of the Fair. They include Acea, Arrow, Campustore, Dintec, ENI, Filo, Inail, Sviluppo Campania, Regione Lazio, Regione Puglia, Sanofi, Sony, STMicroelectronics, Teko, Terna, Unicredit, Unidata, Credito Sportivo, Quasar, IED and the Israeli Embassy.



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