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Maker Faire Rome: projects that defend culture

Innovative solutions for cultural heritage. We are talking about the sustainability of the ancient city, but also about Studanteum, a series of projects for university campus-dormitories. Here are a few hints of the projects we will see at Maker Faire Rome 2021.


If you are passionate about culture and technology, you cannot miss the Maker Faire Rome 2021. HERE all the info to buy tickets and participate.


The sustainability of the ancient city

The question of sustainability also affects the ancient city, whose morphology should contribute to and not be conditioned by current lifestyles. The project by Francesco Taormina (Principal Investigator), Cecilia Maria Roberta Luschi, Stefania Mornati, Vittorio Nicolosi, Silvano Stucchi, Elena Eramo, Valentina Florio Cristina Renzoni supports this point of view: the study of the existing city allows the definition of innovative services and the renewal of urban space. In particular, the city investigated (Akko, the Crusader Acre of Italian origin, UNESCO World Heritage Site) makes it possible to establish a methodological paradigm. The project explains how the description of the existing situation leads to the interventions, documenting the “procedure” followed.

Architectural and urban composition. The team that developed the project is led by Francesco Taormina, who teaches Architectural and Urban Composition at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He has been a guest lecturer at Italian and foreign universities and has been involved for years in the study of the city and the landscape, linking its aspects to those of historical memory. He is a member of numerous scientific committees of editorial series and architectural journals. He has been awarded several times for his design research and his work has been published and exhibited in international exhibitions.


The Studanteum project illustrates a series of model studies for university campus dormitories. Anna Irene Del Monaco, Architect, Associate Professor in Architectural and Urban Design, Sapienza University of Rome since 2008.




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