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27-30 November 2023

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Monitoring Freshness of Tommy Mango Fruit with an RFID Tag

In addressing the critical question of how to mitigate food waste and curb the spread of diseases stemming from contaminated food, this presentation focuses on achieving two primary objectives. Firstly, it seeks to pioneer early detection methods for food contamination, and secondly, it aims to develop a reliable means of estimating the freshness of mango fruit.
To accomplish these goals, the proposed method delves into the exploration of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for tracking Tommy mango fruit. A specially designed, cost-effective sensor antenna plays a key role in this approach. The method involves a detailed analysis of the dielectric characteristics of mango data, along with the optimization of the tag's proprietary substrate. Furthermore, the input is meticulously matched to provide accurate estimations of food quality.
The anticipated outcome of implementing this method is a significant contribution to reducing food waste and preventing the spread of diseases by enabling early detection of contamination and accurate estimation of mango fruit freshness.


Thursday 30 November

From 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm CET

Maker Learn Festival

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Monitoring Freshness of Tommy Mango Fruit with an RFID Tag

Cheima Ben Hattab

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