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Auditorium Parco della Musica

Let’s Make! (A Better World) – MFR14

In the Opening Conference of the second edition of Maker Faire Rome many of the protagonists of the third industrial revolution paraded, which is forever changing the world in which we live.


Erle Austin, Massimo Banzi, Daniele Benedettelli, Isaac Brown, Anjan Contractor, Samantha Cristoforetti, Moctar Dembélé, Cory Doctorow, Dale Dougherty, Stefan Elfwing, Ryan Genz, Glenn Green, Neil Harbisson, Frank van Heesch, Salvatore Iaconesi, Ellen Jorgensen, Vaiva Kalnikaitė, Jim Kor, Lynette Kucsma, Abbey Liebman, Riccardo Luna, Michael McAlpine, Gérard Niyondiko, Ivan Owen, Eric Pan, Oriana Persico, Bob Pflugfelder, Francesca Rosella, Mario Vigentini, Arturo Vittori.