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SKID: a tool for personalized beauty

The future of beauty: beauty tech at Maker Faire Rome 2023

Find out how technology is changing the beauty experience in our country, thanks in part to projects like SKID, an innovative solution presented this year at Maker Faire Rome 2023 to easily and inexpensively analyze our skin biotype.

The cosmetics industry is experiencing a new era dictated by innovation and technology. Creating personalized, inclusive, effective and pragmatic products is the new goal of this industry, and SKID, Skin Care Detector, a project presented during this year’s edition of Maker Faire Rome, is a perfect example of this.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the cosmetics market in Italy, find out what the role of technology is in this sector today with beauty tech, and explore the SKID project to understand what it means to use new tools for one’s skin care.

An analysis of the cosmetics market

According to estimates, every individual uses at least 8 cosmetic products on a daily basis – essential for maintaining wellbeing, whatever stage of life you are in. Favorites include face and body products, make-up and nail polish, cleansers and perfumes. Yet these are just a few of its possible uses. The cosmetics market is actually a complex, diverse industry with major economic impact. In Italy, for example, it is now worth 13.3 billion euros and stands out internationally for its resilience and anti-cyclicality. Regardless of applications, there are two main drivers: quality and safety. Research and development processes are entirely aimed at achieving high standards that can meet consumer needs. It is for this purpose that companies in the sector invest about 6 percent of their turnover in innovation and new technologies, going against a national trend at 3 percent. The sector is, in short, driven by science. At the European level, there are more than 32,000 scientists constantly engaged in the development of cosmetic products, and just as the use of technologies is essential in the creation of quality products, in the same way this is meeting consumer habits by taking over the daily actions performed by people.

The unstoppable trend of beauty tech

The beauty tech trend is the perfect blend of personal care and advanced technologies. This synergy has given rise to a wide range of products and services that incorporate artificial intelligence, augmented reality, sensors and apps to enhance users’ beauty experience. From the use of algorithms to customized skincare products and augmented reality apps that allow users to virtually try on makeup and hairstyles, beauty tech is seriously redefining beauty habits and introducing customized solutions on any kind of need, paving the way for new possibilities and breakthroughs in the world of personal wellness. Here are some of its possible applications:


  1. Skin analysis: advanced devices use technology to analyze the skin, assessing skin tone, texture, wrinkles and other parameters. These analyses help personalize skin care treatments, recommending products targeted to the user’s specific needs.
  2. App for customizing cosmetics: mobile apps use advanced algorithms to recommend customized makeup colors based on skin tone, eye and hair colors. Some apps also allow users to virtually try on products before purchasing them.
  3. Makeup application devices: technological devices such as smart mirrors use augmented reality to guide users through the application of makeup.
  4. Skin diagnosis systems: advanced equipment allows for in-depth skin diagnostics, helping beauty professionals better understand clients’ individual needs and recommend customized treatments.
  5. Artificial intelligence in skin care: artificial intelligence algorithms analyze skin care data to predict and prevent skin problems. This allows users to take a preventive rather than reactive approach to skin care.

The SKID project: Skin Care Detector

In the current landscape of change and innovation, Maker Faire Rome 2023 offered a space in which to further explore the marriage of technology and cosmetics. A perfect example is the SKID – Skin Care Detector project, a cutting-edge device created by the Metabolic Intelligence Lab. It is a significant step forward in the field of personalized cosmetics. The SKID project offers a tool to assess skin health through an innovative approach. We often underestimate the importance of our skin, which is our main defense organ against external agents, and therefore, requires special attention in any situation, from exposure to radiation to pollution in our cities.

SKID is a tool that uses an analysis of the light emitted by our skin to measure in a quantitative, fast and low-cost way, the functional characteristics of the skin, identifying the skin biotype and following its changes over time. The solution allows us to easily track the cosmetics best suited to us without having to proceed empirically, to our detriment. SKID therefore offers a valuable opportunity to carry out a procedure that would otherwise be complex and very expensive. SKID – Skin Care Detector was designed by Cassandra Serantoni, a doctoral student in neuroscience at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, together with the Metabolic Intelligence Lab team composed of Marco De Spirito, Giuseppe Maulucci, Alessia Riente, Giada Bianchetti and Alessio Abeltino. Cassandra’s scientific interest in the field of machine learning algorithms and noninvasive wearable devices resulted in a significant contribution to this multidisciplinary project that is bound to make its mark.


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