Daniele Lago

Daniele was born in Asiago (Vicenza) in 1972. After completing his technical studies, he attends the Scuola Italiana Design in Padova. Youngest of 10 siblings, Daniele, after a volleyball career, joins the company in the early 2000s sensing the immediate need for the creation of something meaningful, going beyond the mere production of furniture pieces. From the very beginning, he believes in a balance between people, nature and technology, in addition to culture, as strategic assets for growth. With this vision in mind, he guides the company throughout the years, going from being exclusively family-run to

being an innovative ecosystem with a strong orientation toward merit, equality, openness and managerial contamination. He, in such a way, turns the small, artesanal LAGO into an international company, with over 200 employees and with more than 40 million euros in revenue. Today he is the CEO & Head of Design of LAGO SpA, a brand with over 400 stores all around the world and a digital community of 15 million people