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Good, refreshing, healthy and original! Here’s how to prepare the multi-protein drink of the future!


Prosecco, hemp tea, water and Chile-Lime DON BUGITO crickets: here’s what you need to prepare your “Cannabis Cocktail”!

In October the Maker Faire Rome returns, the event that showcases ideas and projects from the most diverse fields, presenting them to the public and linking them to the frontiers of the digital world. This year the collaboration with the Future Food Institute has been renewed again and is set to amaze, starting from a fabulous recipe that has come to life in the FFI’s production and innovation hubs.

What we present today is just one of these examples: a multi-protein cocktail made not only with crickets, but also with something you really would not expect, hemp! The hemp we are talking about is called cannabis sativa, a variety of hemp containing hardly any THC (the psychotropic substance contained in marijuana) and is 100% legal. Its benefits include: all the essential amino acids rich unsaturated fats (especially omega-3 and omega-6, indicated for low cholesterol diets) and vitamins A, B, C and E.

But why are we talking about cannabis today? Because it’s more versatile than you think! Its seeds can be used to flavor your salads, raw hemp oil is an excellent seasoning for pasta and soups, and you can even make tea from the dried leaves! This drink is the undisputed protagonist of the recipe that the Future Food Institute has invented in its production hub Scuderia – FF Urban CooLab, which is in the heart of Bologna. It has become a reference point for issues related to food innovation and environmental sustainability.


Would you like to be a real bartender? Here’s your chance!

In this recipe the slightly bitter taste of the hemp is combined in an original cocktail with prosecco and the vague spicy scent of another superfood of future: crickets. These crickets are rich sources of calcium, potassium and magnesium, vitamins and protein (they have twice that of chicken or pork meat). Prosecco aside, it may seem difficult to find these ingredients, but do not worry! You can find cannabis tea in the EmilCanapa online shop (an Emilian company that follows natural and sustainable processes in the cultivation and drying of Kompolti, a variety of sativa with a stronger flavor) or of GreenUtopia (Milan-based Hemp-based store), while you can buy crickets from the American site Don Bugito (which produces protein flours and snacks based on insects). If none of this scares you to prepare!

Show your friends the future bartender in you!



100 ml of prosecco

3 teaspoons of hemp tea

150 ml of water

2/3 g of Chile-Lime DON BUGITO crickets



Boil water then pour it in an infuser with the tea powder, leave it to infuse  for 1 minute. Allow to cool until warm and then place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Coarsely crush the crickets in a bowl and wet the edge of the glass and allow the cricket powder to adhere. Pour in the glass the prosecco and the infusion of cannabis and mix for 10 seconds.


What can we say now?  Enjoy your  “Cannabis Cocktail”!


Your Cannabis Cocktail is ready to be served and… enjoyed!