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3D printed creativity. Maker projects at Maker Faire Rome 2021



A small selection of the projects chosen from the Call for Makers


A bit of a scientist, a bit of an inventor, a bit of a geek, a bit of a hobbyist, a passionate person – whatever you want to call them – is a maker, and 3D printing is the origin of all things. Or rather. It was the first step with which many began to move into this new dimension of creativity. What we are proposing here is a first small and far from exhaustive selection of projects “selected” from the Call for Makers and dedicated to 3D printing. At Maker Faire Rome 2021, in the shadow of the Gazometro, you will find many more.


3D printed motorbike

“My goal is to create a 3D printed electric vehicle that can be customised and reproduced by everyone”. The words of Federico Rodighiero, 25 years old, graduate in Engineering: at this year’s Maker Faire Rome 2021 he will bring his 3D printed motorbike. “My project was born trying to combine my passion for technology (3D printing, electronics, engineering) with that of the automotive world. I have been working on it for several years now and I have now built a 100% working prototype.

Sapienza Aerospace Student Association

The Sapienza Aerospace Student Association is a free association of people created to promote aerospace culture, and in particular to delimit a place for discussion on scientific, engineering and technological issues, to make the educational offer more engaging and to facilitate and promote entry into the world of work. To pursue these objectives, the Association also organises and promotes scientific conferences, publication of articles, workshops, projects, laboratories and inter-university competitions.

Raise your sofa with your voice

Claudio Cagnazzi, executive project manager in the TLC sector, but also inventor and “patentee” (as he defines himself) will be among the makers at Maker Faire Rome 2021. His SOF’up kit makes it possible to lift heavy furniture such as armchairs, sofas and sofa beds in just a second,” he explains, “all by voice command thanks to platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant, special apps installed on your smartphone or smartwatch, a physical switch and an RF remote control. All you have to do is install the kit under the furniture, configure the app once on your device and control everything with your voice or your finger… in a second”.

Digital Made 

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale supports the digital transformation of fashion, to develop new professional profiles and to educate people about beauty through new technologies. During Maker Faire Rome the 25 projects selected in the third edition of the Digital Made contest, for young fashion talents, will be presented. At Maker Faire Rome some of the clothes on display will be narrated by the designers, including the contest winners, who will present and talk about their projects. At the same time, experts from the Fondazione Mondo Digitale will organise live Do It Yourself exercises on wearable technologies, natural dyes and 3D printing on fabric. 

Camera Libera Tutti 

Born out of the need to make up for the lack of sufficiently inclusive structures, Camera Libera Tutti is a call for ideas to design furnishing solutions, devices and systems for adapting rooms in hospitality and tourist facilities. Camera Libera Tutti is the result of a collaboration between FabLab Parma and ANMIC Parma, an association committed to promoting actions aimed at guaranteeing the dignity and quality of life of people with disabilities, against all forms of prejudice and discrimination and in accordance with the principles of the Constitution. The Welcome Kit created by the team consists of ten essential objects which, although apparently simple, significantly increase the quality of a stay open to all, breaking down the differences between accommodation used exclusively by disabled people and that intended for normal tourists.


A device to facilitate the approach to water sports for children with walking difficulties. This is Swimable, a project by Piera Losciale, an e-Nable Italia volunteer and student of Industrial Design at Bari Polytechnic, and e-Nable Italia, a community of volunteers who use their 3D printing skills to create free, low-cost devices for children and adults.

Sapienza Technology Team 

Thanks to its Rover, the Sapienza Technology Team is ready for space exploration and will participate in the European Rover Challenge 2022, a space and robotics competition. The STT is a university student team that designs and builds robotic systems similar to those used for space exploration. “Every physical component was built by us. The software part uses machine learning and computer vision techniques programmed in Python. We have worked on three robots in the past years, and now we are building the most ambitious one.

Scuderia Tor Vergata

Scuderia Tor Vergata is the official Formula SAE team of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Founded in 2006, over the years the Scuderia has been run by hundreds of students with a common goal, that of sharing and applying the technical and theoretical knowledge learned during their studies in a stimulating project. It will be among the protagonists of Maker Faire Rome 2021.

Sally PQ-1 , the first home-made satellite

Sally PQ-1 is a prototype of a pocket-sized satellite, designed and built at home, based on an Arduino with internal structures printed in 3D, with an onboard computer and external structural PCBs. It was developed by Davide Petenzi, “a 37-year-old pizza delivery man, a lifelong lover of innovation, electronics, space exploration and computers. I have a mini fablab at home with 3 3D printers and would like to share my passion and projects with as many people as possible.



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