Arrow: take your innovation to production at Maker Faire Rome!

Booth 7.A.11 awaits innovators with technology displays, live demos and lectures, design guidance, a stalking robot and daily sweepstakes.


Do you know what’s common among a smart grill, intelligent pill box, smart lighting system and an Internet of Things (IoT) hub? You—the innovator, the maker. And that’s who Maker Faire is celebrating in Rome. Yet you know that it’s not always smooth sailing coming up with a gadget that’s never before been dreamed of or beating an existing design in convenience and cost.

How many times have your ideas been stymied in their nascent stage by a lack of just the right parts? Or was it the need for guidance in design optimisation and consumer-winning functionality that got to you?

Whatever your pain point, Maker Faire Rome creates a three-day ecosystem that thrives on making life easier for innovators like you and taking your products to production. Indeed, for a one-stop help center at the event, look for Arrow Electronics at booth 7.A.11 (Pavilion 7—Interaction) as well as the main presentation area to speak with our experts about your challenges. The road from idea to invention and onto production is made easier when paved with component technology, engineering advice and collaboration.


The smart grill Cinder Grill
  • Parts to product


With over 3.8 billion components in Arrow’s stock, you will likely find everything you need—everything on your bill of materials (BoM)—to get that prototype going. And with a supply chain partnership of over 125,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial customers, maintained over a network of more than 465 locations serving 90 countries, you can rest assured that your product’s success is covered wherever you are.


  • Engineering advice


Component availability is but one part of the journey. Arrow is coming to the event with field application engineering resources to arm you with knowledge they have gathered from working with a large community of companies and engineers. Through technical lectures (Room 13) and hands-on demonstrations, you can learn about broad technical trends as well as address specific challenges, including those related to IoT and smart home, imaging and sensing, motor control, wireless communication and 3D printing. A series of presentations will also face the burning question of which development route to take: ready-to-use systems-on-module or microprocessors.

If that hasn’t already got you looking at the floor map for booth 7.A.11, this will: Arrow is making available semiconductor partner companies, like Analog Devices (ADI), Cypress, Infineon, Microchip and Qualcomm, to give presentations and demonstrations.

Interested in a gesture-controlled robotic arm, anyone? An intelligent wireless mesh network, perhaps? Or would you care to be followed by a robot around the show floor? These and several other demonstrations await you.


  • Collaboration to production


Arrow is one of the few supply chain enablers that provides end-to-end support—right from component selection and supply through design tools and advice, validation of prototypes to funding and even marketing support. Its Indiegogo platform plays a big part in not only funding but giving you direct access to customer feedback on functionality during the early stages of development.

If you are nearly there with your product but need guidance in design optimisation, inquire about the Arrow Certification Program at the booth. Your Indiegogo campaign might even qualify for flash funding from a US$1 million kitty, such as the smart grill (Cinder Grill) mentioned at the top. And while you deliberate options at the Arrow booth, don’t forget to check if you’ve won a Qualcomm Snapdragon-based DragonBoard410C in the daily sweepstakes.


See you at Booth 7.A.11 and in Room 13!


Arrow Booth Opening Times:


Friday, 1 December

2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Saturday, 2 December

10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Sunday, 3 December

10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.