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  • July 6, 2024
    LAUDS Open CALL SUPPORTS CO-CREATION BETWEEN ARTIST AND TECH  LAUDS Open Call funds and supports the collaboration and co-creation relationship between creative people and technology providers/users ...LAUDS Open Call: funding up to 40k
    July 5, 2024
    FOLKS KITCHENWARE: an empowering solution FOR THE BLIND Empowering the blind to cook safely with convenience, confidence and dignity: that’s what some specifically-designed tools are for   ...Kitchenware for the blind
    May 28, 2024
    Solar panels may soon unroll along railway tracks  Between Swiss railroad tracks, a startup may be soon rolling out solar panels like a carpet   Solar panels may soon be […]Switzerland may be world first to install sol...
    May 22, 2024
    a UAE-based company is making panels out of date seeds Meet the company that’s making building materials (and a coffee brew) from the date seeds   DATEFORM is a revolutionary […]Sustainable materials: panels made out of dat...
    April 23, 2024
    Every day we throw away just too much food: a loss AI can help reversing A hotel chain installs a camera in its trash bins to spy on what guests […]AI is spying on the food we throw away
    April 18, 2024
    Piaggio, the historic Italian company, representing tradition and innovation, celebrates its 140th anniversary with a Special Edition of the iconic Vespa: Vespa 140th will be available in 140 pieces f...1884 – 1924: for Piaggio’s 140th anni...
    March 28, 2024
    Tomorrow ShapeRS’ 2023 winner is a maasai conservationist The Young Inventors Prize celebrates solution that work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The 2023 winner is a M...Maasai inventor wins the 2023 Young Innovator...
    February 14, 2024
    Moonwalkers are the world’s fastest shoes Moonwalkers™ are the first-ever mobility device that allows humans to walk at the speed of a run. Designed with an adaptive A.I. drivetrain, users [&h...Moonwalkers, the shoes of future
    January 15, 2024
    ‘A mouse for your mouth’: New device PRESENTED AT CES allows users to scroll with their tongues “MouthPad”, which attached to the roof of the mouth and can be controlled [&hell...“MouthPad”, a mouse for your mout...
    December 22, 2023
    Here’s how Exo Italia is stopping brain drain by teaching young students entrepreneurship We have a problem in Italy: young people with talent are deciding to leave. What if the […]Innovation Community: doing business is child...