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Delivery charge on demand wherever you are

From an italian startup, an innovative system for recharging electric vehicles on demand, fighting the scarcity of charging infrastructures


The e-car market is experiencing higher growth rates than the majority of other industries: while automobile manufacturers are increasing R&D investments to provide new models and technologies, many governments are promoting incentives for those who choose to go electric.

The future of mobility is electric

If we then add, due to the climate and environmental crisis, the pressure on reducing the reliance on fossil fuels as much as possible, it is quite clear that the future of mobility will be electric.

In the meanwhile, The European Union has planned a complete stop to the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars by 2035, as part of the “Fit for 55”- a maxi climate measure that is part of the Green New Deal and aims for a sharp reduction in pollutant emissions.

To date, 2035 still looks an utopian target, mainly for the lack of infrastructures capable of supporting such a pivotal change. Italy in particular is lagging far behind. According to research conducted by Motus-E, the association that reunites the stakeholders of the electric mobility sector, there are only 1.2 fast-charging points on the Italian territory for every 100 km of highway, a figure which is definitely insufficient to meet the needs of the e-car growing driver population.

Reefilla, the charging delivery solution

However, a Turin-based start-up may have found a solution to this problem by devising the world’s first on-demand charging service.

Reefilla is the Charge Delivery startup born from the idea of 3 former FCA managers, Pietro Balda, Marco Bevilacqua and Gabriele Bergoglio, incubated by I3P of the Politecnico di Torino and accelerated by Motor Valley Accelerator and Plug&Play.

Reefilla created a mobile and predictive charging system operable through a digital platform. This interface, connected to cars via Artifical Intelligence, anticipates the driver’s needs by autonomously predicting the energy requirements of the vehicle on the basis of the driver’s style and habits. An alert will trigger when the energy levels of the batteries drops below 20 percent, suggesting a recharging.

When needed, a Filee device – an accumulator that stores solar energy generated during the day by a photovoltaic system – mounted on a trolley and installed on electric vans, reaches the car and in less than 30 minutes transfers enough energy to guarantee 120 more kilometers of driving.

Charging is done contactless and without disturbance for the driver, whose presence is not even needed.

Reefilla: only benefits

Thanks to Reefilla’s widespread logistic organization, it will be possible to reach any vehicle anywhere in the city, even in the most complex situation and avoiding scarcity of electric columns, fear of running out of power and long waiting lines.

Reefilla’s model will offer both B2C and B2B applications, for micro mobility, sharing and corporate fleet operators, and B2B2C for operators interested in service distribution.

The system is now being tested on electric vehicles of major brands. The first charging delivery test has already been done in Turin on 50 electric car owners who joined the trial. The service will also be launched in the city of Milan next autumn.


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