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3 Must-Attend Educational Workshops at Maker Faire Rome 2023

Don’t Miss Out on These Educational Workshops at Maker Faire Rome 2023


Educational workshops and so much more: Maker Faire Rome 2023 presents a golden opportunity to engage with innovation trailblazers and the latest technological breakthroughs. Join us on an exciting journey into the future, set to unfold at Fiera di Roma from October 20-22.

Amidst the specialized themes of its 11th edition, Learn@MFR stands as the hub for tailored activities and workshops, catering to students, enthusiasts, educators, and forward-thinking companies eager to explore novel learning methodologies. Immerse yourself in immersive technologies and futuristic entertainment.

Exploring Fresh Teaching Approaches at Maker Faire Rome

These educational workshops and scheduled activities serve as invaluable resources for educators seeking to embrace new teaching paradigms while honing their skill set. In these sessions, educators can access the latest insights into innovative pedagogical approaches, both theoretically and practically. The workshops also offer a unique opportunity to network with peers from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas, refine pedagogical techniques, elevate student engagement, and streamline teaching practices.

Discover the Must-do Educational Workshops at Maker Faire Rome 2023:

  1. SeedScience: Unleash Learning through the Science Escape Room

    SeedScience introduces transformative educational projects and methodologies, engaging students, educators, and enthusiasts alike. With an unwavering belief in science education’s power to drive societal progress, SeedScience invites you to experience the interactive escape room, set in Tanzania, where they cultivate scientific knowledge. Participants will unravel mysteries and address climate challenges through evidence-based solutions. This innovative approach not only captivates learners but also empowers educators to enhance their professional prowess.

  2. Flatland Math: Gamified Learning for All Ages

    The Flatland Math educational workshop reimagines math education across age groups. Anchored by a video game of the same name, this activity fuses entertainment with education to make math enjoyable for young minds. In a dynamic virtual sandbox environment, students can immerse themselves in solving mathematical problems. With adaptability for various age brackets, the workshop accommodates up to 10 participants, guided by seasoned tutors. Activities are customized to cater to different levels of proficiency, from primary to middle school.

  3. Mystery Box: Unravel Particle Physics in an Engaging Format

    Embark on an immersive scientific journey with the “Exploring the Inaccessible” workshop. This engaging experience kindles scientific curiosity, fosters creativity, and encourages collaboration. Curated by the HOP – Hands On Physics – Project in collaboration with CERN, INFN, and the Agnelli Foundation, the workshop aims to instill a passion for physics among middle school students. Participants will interact with small metallic boxes concealing their contents, designing experiments, crafting models, and formulating hypotheses akin to real-world scientists. These captivating activities are designed to be an hour of active learning.


The future of learning at Maker Faire Rome 2023: engaging workshops, video games and escape rooms. Learning is all fun and games… Join us at Maker Faire Rome 2023 and open doors to innovative education and immersive experiences!


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