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EVAD – 1, the hi-tech sunglasses that monitor sports performance or physical activity

These sunglasses are capable of monitoring and displaying speed, distance, and heart rate directly on the lens



Julbo EVAD-1 are true sports sunglasses, the first of their kind to include a transparent display to show data in the field of view. They reach a weight of 1.2 oz (35 gr) and an autonomy of 12 hours. The idea of ​​the EVAD-1 line stems from the need to assist runners, cyclists, or Nordic skiers who use the data for training and physical activity.


Photo: Julbo


The main advantage of these hi-tech sunglasses from the French company Julbo is that through them it is possible to visualize the data during the sport performance or physical activity and live one’s efforts in real time.


These glasses can be used as a training and competition tool, monitoring live efforts, but also improving one’s sports experience using navigation or coaching functions.


The real advantage, compared to other products already on the market, is the fact that Julbo EVAD-1 sunglasses are light and ergonomic, like any other sports eyewear, and presents our best technologies, such as REACTIV photochromic lenses associated with perfect ventilation and adjustable temples.


Photo: Julbo


Data transmission is via Bluetooth and it is possible to connect to all the apps that athletes normally use on their smartphone. And in the same way, Julbo EVAD-1 can also be combined with a smartwatch and other devices such as bike computers.


Photo: Julbo



Hi-tech technology that is applied to sports activities and physical well-being is becoming more and more accessible to everyone and has generated countless startups and initiatives from all over the world; Just think of PunchLab and BioBeats, startups presented at Maker Faire – The European Edition 2019 in the SportTech pavilion, dedicated to the increasingly inseparable mix of hi-tech, sports, and physical activity.