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From November 27-30, experience Maker Learn, the online festival dedicated to digital & tech education

Maker Learn is back: the event dedicated to digital & tech education is due nov 27-30

Maker Learn is a chance to seize valuable opportunities for personal and professional development by participating in talks, webinars, mini-courses and workshops led by leading companies, universities and Fablabs


Maker Faire Rome 2023 has just ended, but there’s still a chance to attend other special events. Maker Learn will take place from November 27-30; the event is promoted by Maker Faire Rome and PID -.Punto Impresa Digitale of the Rome Chamber of Commerce to celebrate education and innovation together.

In this article we will take a closer look at the event, the scheduled activities and everything you need to know.

Maker Learn: vision and goals

The first rule to remaining competitive in an ever-changing world is to never stop learning. Knowledge is power and being able to adapt to changes by experiencing them or, better yet, sparking them with new ideas and projects is the key to embracing the future. Maker Learn is a project that embodies this assumption, promoting education, training and, more generally, the sharing of a true culture of innovation.

The initiative is a natural follow-up to Maker Faire Rome, and the project is greatly supported not only by the fair but also and especially by its early proponents, PID (Punto Impresa Digitale) and the Rome Chamber of Commerce. Its main objective is to contribute to the emergence of a new mindset and spread an ‘innovation attitude’ among all participants, enabling them to embrace new challenges and seize the opportunities presented by progress without fear.

Maker Learn celebrates a model of education that is rooted in the various proposals of makers and Maker Faire Rome partners through its themes and derivations, fostering stimulating days of education. Maker Learn will take place Nov. 27-30 and will allow all participants to explore the latest in innovation, taking advantage of valuable opportunities for personal and professional development. Maker Learn Festival is, in fact, be an opportunity for growth, learning and exploration in different sectors already presented at the fair, such as the world of the circular economy, robotics, agritech, artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, cybersecurity and 3D printing.

A diverse and cross-disciplinary training course for all needs, it is presented as a collection of content, lectures, workshops and discussions on precise topics such as innovation, science and technology. The main goal of Maker Learn is to cultivate an “innovation mindset” in participants, enabling them to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by innovation without fear. There are no rigid rules about when and how innovation should be developed; the key is to stimulate strategic thinking.

An opportunity for businesses

One of the goals of the Rome Chamber of Commerce is to incentivize companies to invest in training to foster the emergence of a living, innovative, current and proactive ecosystem. Therefore, educating employees is undoubtedly a strategic choice for companies on many levels. Keeping up with market trends and developments is crucial to the success and longevity of any company. It is an investment that leads to positive results in terms of developing new skills, improving the quality of work and increasing competitiveness. Today, in fact, a company’s growth, longevity and success are measured by its ability to innovate. Taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital world, for example, also involves cultivating the right mindset within the organization so that new ideas can find fertile ground to grow and develop. Maker Learn is the perfect opportunity to initiate this process. Check out the program!

Topics & content to suit every passion and need

Maker Learn, which takes place Nov. 27-30, will offer a wide range of content for those interested in the business world and beyond.

The festival program will include varied content aimed at technology enthusiasts and professionals. Topics will range from the relationship between virtual reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence to best practices in the world of the circular economy, art, and robotics, and the role of gaming in education and the social sphere.

The program is organized by date, tag and target audience, offering the flexibility to choose content based on one’s availability, interests or personal profile. Maker Learn can cater to different interests and needs, attracting both enthusiasts and professionals, just like Maker Faire Rome. At Maker Learn you will find talks, webinars, mini-courses and workshops led by leading companies from the aforementioned sectors, universities and Fab Labs. It is designed to help people embrace a culture of continuous learning and personal growth.

Maker Learn is an innovative initiative that promotes a culture of innovation and continuous learning. In an ever-changing world, the ability to continuously adapt and learn and innovate is critical for both individuals and businesses. Explore all the opportunities at the event.

Check out the agenda and register now! We look forward to seeing you November 27-30!


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