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UK startup develops gyroscope glove to ease tremors for those with Parkinson’s

The parkinson’s condition affects over 200 million people worldwide

The glove can help people with Parkinson’s disease  overcome their tremors


Adaptation of a reporting by Stuart McDill, edited by Alexandra Hudson for Reuters


UK startup has developed a glove with a built-in spinning gyroscope that it says can help people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor (ET) overcome their often debilitating tremors and regain control of their hands. Both conditions affect over 200 million people worldwide and can cause patients’ hands to shake so much that everyday tasks such as eating and drinking become difficult or impossible.

“The focus of the GyroGlove™ is to return independence and freedom”

For Parkinson’s patients, essential tremor is quite a hidden (often, not even that hidden) disability. It heavily affects the quality of life as it makes certain activities rather difficult to be done on one’s own. Besides, pain falls in and the whole experience can be exhausting. 

How does it work

The glove fits over the lower part of the hand, wrist and forearm, with the gyroscope concealed. GyroGear’s solution, according to Gordon McCabe, GyroGear development manager, is to mount a gyroscope on the back of the hand which, much like a spinning top that will always stay upright as long as it’s spinning, makes the hand stay level while the flywheel is spinning.

VC investments are on their way

Participants in GyroGear’s seed round include the UK Government Future Fund and Singapore venture builder Fidelium Group among others. The company raised $4.3 million in Phase One of Seed Round funding and Phase Two is scheduled to complete soon.

 “The GyroGlove™ will get you back to doing what you love”

Make to Care

Make to Care is the contest launched in 2016 by Sanofi and Maker Faire Rome – the European Edition, aimed at bringing out and facilitating the creation and growth of innovative and useful solutions to meet the real needs of people with any form of disability, meant as any marked decrease in quality of life due to pathologies and / or traumatic events.

The contest run every year and is open to all those who have been able to grasp a concrete need, directing their talent and proposing an innovative solution.

Take a look at the amazing solutions developed over the time at the project website.


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