Introducing ARROW Electronics at MFR17#


Are you five years out? “Five Years Out” is the tangible future where what’s possible meets what’s practical.  

Arrow lives in a world of Five Years Out where new technologies, new materials, new ideas and new electronics will make life not only different, but better.

You may not have heard of Arrow? They’re even bigger than Starbucks!

The work they  do goes in to everything from cars to coffee makers to cruise missiles.

By the time you have had your morning coffee, it’s likely you have already interacted with Arrow at least 5 times.

If it takes a charge or sends a signal, the chances are Arrow was part of building it.

As one of the biggest distributors in the Electronic Industry, Arrow is more or less involved in any device with electronic components, either semiconductor, passive or mechanical parts.

As the distributor with the biggest line-card on the market, they can support any kind of project and customer whether it is a high end solution for space company or a new start-up that wants to enter the market.

Trough their partnership with Indiegogo Arrow supportS entrepreneurs and start-up companies to help their ideas come to market.

Arrow and Indiegogo project

The European engineering team with more than 350 application engineers support customers on any technology.

The new smart-home which is connected to the “Internet of Things” (IoT), modern motor applications, Gateways and any kind of communication.


More About They are  your digital presence and complete electrical engineering marketplace, featuring a massive component selection from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Access free design tools, millions of datasheets, thousands of interactive reference designs and informative articles and videos about the latest industry trends in sensorscapacitorspower supplysingle board computers, FPGAs and more.

Discover them here !


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